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Bad Message

April 6, 2022 

Naes Roniart

441 Alligator Alley

Gainesville, FL 32603

Dear Naes, 

As you know, we have been working diligently on our funding efforts to support CAAW. Keeping a good track record of our finances is important so that organizations such as the Sunshine Do-Gooder Foundation are confident in supporting CAAW. If SDF is not confident in our financial responsibility, SDF will not provide us with the support we need to prevent alligator wrestling accidents in Florida. 

When completing your request to retrieve documents on your desk, I noticed CAAW’s expense report files for the 2021 fiscal year. More specifically, I found that, during this year, we reimbursed a larger amount of miscellaneous expenses than in years past. Of the $300,000 worth of miscellaneous expenses, only $400 of those expenses had applicable receipts for reimbursement. This financial discrepancy could negatively impact our ability to attract future funding and sustain our mission. To protect CAAW and its mission, I have therefore decided to consult an outside auditor to help us locate where our missing $299,600 went. This auditor will carefully review our books to make sure all expenses and reimbursements are properly accounted for. 

We can ensure the majority of our time is devoted to reducing alligator wrestling accidents by being proactive. Additionally, we can avoid any potential legal issues that may arise from ignoring this discrepancy, ensuring that CAAW will remain in good standing.

Thank you for your willingness to hear my perspective on the situation. 


Jeff Bags

Routine Message

Dear Mr. Goodboy,

Thank you for your interest in further discussing CAAW’s funding request. To continue our previous conversation, could we please schedule an hour-long zoom meeting to discuss potential funding opportunities with SDF? This funding would support outreach programs aimed towards combating the dangers of alligator wrestling.

Please let me know if you are available during any of the times below to meet next week:

· Monday 3/21 from 4pm-5pm ET

· Tuesday 3/22 from 2pm-5pm ET

· Wednesday 3/23 from 12pm-4pm ET

If none of these times work, please send an alternative meeting time. 

I look forward to hearing about your recent trip to the Everglades when we meet!


Naes Roniart

Persuasive Message

TO: Ms. Goodies Twoshoes, FDGSS
FROM: Mr. Naes Roinart, CAAW
SUBJECT: Meeting Request for 24-29 Mar. – CAAW Investment Opportunity
DATE: 3/23/2022

Dear Ms. Twoshoes,

My name is Naes Roinart, and I serve as the CEO of Citizens Against Alligator Wrestling (CAAW), a non-profit organization based here in Florida whose mission is to raise awareness about the dangers of alligator wrestling. 

Your organization has done an excellent job in the past at bringing awareness to similar social problems in Florida! A partnership with CAAW will help you pursue your mission of keeping Florida residents safe. It will also help you expand your donor base among residents of the Everglades and surrounding communities because these locations are where most alligator wrestling occurs.  

Would you be interested in meeting sometime this week via Teams to discuss potential investment opportunities and explore a partnership between FDGSS and CAAW? 

Below is my availability for the upcoming week:

· Thursday, 3/24: 12:00 PM EST

· Friday, 3/25: 9:00 AM EST

· Monday, 3/28: 10:00 AM EST

· Tuesday, 3/29: 4:00 PM EST

Please let me know if any of these times fit your schedule, or feel free to suggest another time that is more convenient for you.

Your organization continues to be an inspiring example of dedication to our community. I look forward to speaking with you and beginning a conversation about how we can best serve the residents of Florida together! 


Naes Roniart


writing work


Write three messages in response to the scenario below. Your messages should all be brief (roughly 75-200 words).


You’ve recently left a meeting with your supervisor, Jamie Rosinsky. You’re feeling great. Jamie scheduled the meeting to inform you that you’ve been appointed to serve as the new lead for an important project team at XYZ Corp.

The outgoing project team lead, Allen Hart, is a friendly acquaintance and well-liked figure around the office, but Allen has pursued a project solution that, in your view, was misguided.

In your monthly meetings with your mentor, Sylvia Menendez, you’ve frequently expressed respectful reservations about Allen’s approach. These comments have clearly impressed Sylvia, who, as Jamie noted during your meeting, played a leading role in advocating for your appointment to this new position.

Writing Task #1

You’re incredibly grateful to Sylvia. You therefore return to your desk and write Sylvia a note of thanks. In your note, you aim to express sincere, dignified gratitude to Sylvia while continuing to deepen your professional relationship.

Identify the writing medium you’ve chosen for this task (email, singing telegram, letter, handwritten note, memo, etc.) and write your message of gratitude.

Writing Task #2

While writing your message of thanks, you begin strategizing your next major communication. At your recent meeting, Jamie informed you that she had already spoken to Allen about the leadership change but wanted you and Allen to decide:

· Who would communicate this change to project team members

· Whether Allen would stay on the team as an advisor

Ordinarily, you would swing by Allen’s office to discuss these questions in person. But Allen is out of office on an extended business trip. You therefore use the Outlook scheduling assistant to identify free time in Allen’s schedule and send him a calendar invite for a 30-minute phone conversation. In the body of the invitation, you seek to establish the tone and set the agenda for this conversation.

You want to keep your message short. But you also want to specify the questions you’d like to discuss; express your admiration and respect for Allen; and encourage him to stay on the team in an advisory role. Write your message, complete with a meeting name (rather than a subject line).

Writing Task #3

After speaking with Allen later that day, you’re ready to communicate with the larger project team. Allen has agreed to stay on the team in an advisory capacity: he’ll attend meetings and provide input whenever asked but will otherwise steer clear of team business.

Additionally, you and Allen agree that the project team should hear about the leadership change from their new leader.

You therefore sit down to write a brief email to the project team. Your email should do the following:

· Have a strong, action-oriented subject line

· Announce the change in team leadership

· Set the time and location for a team meeting (at which you will introduce yourself more fully, celebrate Allen’s contributions, and set the team’s agenda for the future)

· Generate some preliminary enthusiasm for your approach to the project