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CE 304 Literature for Young Children

Summer 1 2016 – Online

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Genre Project – 300 points

· Choose 5 of the genres listed below:

Early Childhood

Traditional Literature

Modern Fantasy

Animal Fantasy

Multicultural Literature

Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Historical Fiction

Biography and Autobiography



· For each genre, you will choose 3 books.

· Use the format listed below to complete this activity.

· You should have a cover page and one page for each book (15 total).

· Grades will be based on the quantity and quality of the books, the quality of summaries, identification of vocabulary, creativity of activities, variety of subject areas represented in the activities, and organization of the assignment.

· Point values listed below are for each book (20 points per book, 15 books, 300 total possible points)

Genre: (1 point)

Title: (1 point)

Author: (1 point)

Illustrator: (1 point)

ISBN #: (1 point)

Vocabulary: (2 points) Include vocabulary words found in the book that may be unfamiliar to your audience.

Summary: (5 points) You must READ each book! Do not copy and paste book summaries from the internet, book jackets, etc. Plagiarism of book summaries will result in a zero on this assignment. University policy will be followed!!

Embedded Concepts: (2 points) List all of the concepts you could teach with the book. Think deeply about the book. There will be less obvious concepts that can be taught. Do not stop at the OBVIOUS concepts!

Suggested Activities: Be sure to address a variety of subject areas. Include science, social studies, math, and art. Each book should have one Language Arts activity and one from another subject area.

Activity #1: (3 points)

Subject Area:

Activity #2: (3 points)

Subject Area: