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What are the manufacturers claims for the drug in the advertisement?

Pharmaceutical Evaluation Report Order Description will scan over requirements H50 3230 Medical Terminology Pharmaceutical Evaluation Report Due: April 26, 2015 50 points Select a medication that is being advertised by pharmaceutical companies to consumers through television, radio, lnternet, etc. o What are the FDA-approved indications for this drug? 0 What is the mechanism of its therapeutic effect? 0 What are the manufacturers claims for the drug in the advertisement? 0 What are the stated contraindications? o What are the stated side effects? o A vocabulary list of at least 5 words not previously known and their definitions. If you do not learn 5 new words while doing the research for your report, you may include words that you learned in this class to make the total of 5 words. For example, if you learned 3 new words while doing your research, you may add 2 more words that you learned in class. Use at least 1 different resource (other than the textbook) for your definitions; identify which resources you used for each definition. Name your file Pharm.Lastname.Firstname. For example, my file would be named: Pharm.Schenck.Kim The link you utilized needs to be submitted with your report. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero. Grades will be based on meeting the information requirements described above and grammar/spelling. While you will submit your assignment in the dropbox on Blackboard (with zero points listed), your grade for the assignment (worth 50 points) will be posted in the same gradebook as the chapter activities.