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What are some of the primary barriers to the effective implementation of strategies in health care organizations?

What are some of the primary barriers to the effective implementation of strategies in health care organizations? How can each be overcome or removed? Share an example from an institution you are familiar with or learned about from your research. APA FORMAT AND USE IN TEXT CITATION Additiontal Topics: Strategic Planning with the balances scorecard, Overview of strategic planning PROCESS & Developing an action plan STUDENT 1 When implementing strategies in health care organizations there are various types of barriers that can be faced. Anticipating the potential barriers can help in avoiding them before they become a major issue. One possible barrier to strategy implementation is a lack of proper planning. Without planning out changes step-by-step, the organization is more than likely to fall apart or pose as a problem. This is especially true when it comes to planning a timeline for the change (Frost, 2016). When creating a timeline, potential difficulties and downtime needs to be taken into consideration. The next barrier in implementing health care strategies is a lack of consensus. If everyone is not on one accord with the decision to implement certain changes, then there is a great chance that there will be barriers during the process (Frost, 2016). All staff on the management level needs to agree with the changes and be able to properly handle disagreements within the staff so that in the end all are on the same page. All may not initially be on one page, but discussions should take place until a unified decision is made. Another barrier to implementing strategies is a lack of communication. When employees fail to communicate, it opens the door for rumors and even fear (Frost, 2016). When there is a lack of communication from management, there is a feeling of uncertainty that could negatively affect employees. To avoid this, employees should be updated on a consistent basis on the plans and progress towards the change implementation. In certain cases, however, employees can resist the change. The employee resistance of change can be another barrier to implementation. Once employees are comfortable with how business is run and they are familiar with their expectations and role within the company, they may resist change when it is presented. Supporting employees through the change process could possibly help ease the transition (Frost, 2016). Stemming off of the concept of a lack of communication, another barrier could be miscommunication. According to one study, it was found that racial and ethnic differences could cause potential miscommunication. In some cases, this can cause resistance in the workplace, especially when it comes to internal changes occurring (Bierman, Lurie, Collins, & Eisenberg, 2002). Management taking the time to know their employees may assist in determining ways to most effectively communicate with their staff. One of the potential issues we are warned about in medical school is when personal convictions conflict with patient treatment. This can also stand true with management and staff. If changes take place within the workplace that convict with personal convictions of the employees, then this can be a barrier. If the employer, however, is aware of potential changes that could conflict with their staffs beliefs, then simply being aware of it could help in developing a way to present the change to them effectively STUDENT 2 In any organization there are often changes that have to be made. Sometimes the changes are to better the company as a whole while other times, the changes come out of necessity. Either way, these changes often come with barriers that must be overcome in order to ensure the success of the new programs and or operations. One of the most common barriers is resistance. In any situation people, and in this case employees, often are resistant to change. In a study done on a company who had implemented operational changes, preliminary [results] indicated that there were both personal and group motivational factors involved in the resistance to change, that shifted employees had a high turnover rate, and that these reactions were independent of the skill level. Shifts were objected to according to worker reports because they resulted in a reduction in earnings in spite of corrections in scales and also because the individuals shifted felt that it was a sign of lowered status or some personal attack on their ability.(Coch & French, 1948) What this proves is that there is a huge psychological factor when it comes to implementation of various new practices on the employees. This resistance is often shared with members of the managemnt team as well. The difference being that as a leader in a position of power, it is important to ensure that ones decisions are to better the organization. It is important to set aside ones personal feelings for the good of the whole. This is the best way to over come resistance with respect to the implementation of new processes and procedures.(Dent & Goldberg, 1999) Implementation strategies often happen out of necessity to stay competitive. Monetary constraints often hinder the implementation strategies of an organization.In Florida, there have been cuts to LIP and other funding. The federal government is arguing that it should not pay hospitals to care for Floridians who would have had coverage if the state were to expand eligibility for Medicaid as prescribed under the Affordable Care Act. According to an analysis by the Safety Net Hospital Alliance, that new model will translate to about a $23 million loss for local hospitals including Florida Health. (Chang, 2016) Unfortunately what this translates to, instead of expansion, the organization must now, in order to overcome the barrier, instead come up with the lost funding either in the downsizing of existing programs and or the elimination of programs completely. (Campello, Graham, & Harvey, 2009) While there are corporate sponsorships that can be found in order to continue the funding, these are not guaranteed