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Unit 2 Assignment: Multiple Intelligences Activities

CHS201 – Creative Activity Instructions for Video Assignments Overview:

These instructions will guide you in uploading a video to YouTube and sharing the link to your video in your Blackboard assignment submission. Instructions:

• Use your phone, tablet, or computer camera to record your video.

• Upload the video to YouTube. Here are some helpful video resources: o Stratvert, K. (2019, May 22). How to upload videos on YouTube [Video file]. o Dee Nimmin (2019, July 12). How to upload a YouTube video on your phone [Video file]. • Be sure to set your video as “unlisted.” If you make your video private, no one can view it. Unlisted means only those with the link can view it. Once the course is over, you can set the video to “private” or delete it. • Once your video is uploaded to YouTube, click the SHARE option, and copy the videos direct URL. • Once you have copied the video’s URL, go into the assignment submission link in Blackboard where you need to submit it. For an assignment, once you have clicked on the unit’s assignment submission link in the unit, choose the Write Submission option to get the Text Editor area to open. The following example is showing submitting a link to a discussion thread, but the same steps apply if submitting an assignment. • Now, paste the URL you copied from YouTube into the discussion thread or assignment submission area. • Then, select and highlight the URL with your cursor and click the hyperlinkbutton in the text editor. • Paste in the copied URL link to the Link Path field. Using the dropdown menu, change the Target field to Open in New Window and click Insert to fin • Now you will see that your link has turned blue, showing it is activated, and you are ready to submit your work!