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Translation of Evidence into Nursing Practice


Feedback for student

9/11/21, 6:03 PM

Thank you for submitting your first submission for this Deliverable for the NUR3643 course. All deliverable must be passed to pass the course; you have up to 3 submissions, please make your additions in red. I know it is alarming to see a “1”, but you have a great start! Please review the feedback and recommendations provided below. I


This is a great start, and there is not much to add to get to competency.

Well, done on providing a current and relevant to nursing research article that meets all the defined criteria. Score 4.

This is a peer-reviewed journal, within the last 5 years, and relevant to nursing practice. Great job with this!


Thank you for submitting your first submission for this Deliverable for the NUR3643 course. Congratulations on mastery! Please review the feedback and recommendations provided below. I


Great job! Be sure to specifically label your strengths and weaknesses as strengths and weaknesses to add clarity. I was able to determine this from the language, but add for future submissions

You did an excellent job detailing the summary of the research design. This is an important element in this module. Score 4.

 This was a study presented with exceptional detail; I can get a great idea of what was done just be reading your summary.

Unfortunately, a summary specific to how the identified theory defines the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm was missing from the document you submitted. Score 1.

Keep what you have on the slide and add Roger’s definitions for the 4 concept/metaparadigm, you need to define what the nursing theorist says Person, Health, Nursing, and environment are. 


The rubric asks for Clearly stated, detailed description of

how the identified theory defines the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm, including: nursing; environment; person/client; and health.


Unfortunately, a summary specific to the critical appraisal of the identified research study was missing from the document you submitted. Score 1. Oops! What are 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses of the study design? Tell me about the credibility?

Strengths of the study design



Weakness of the study design




So, look at your e-text page 344 (for Quantitative studies) and 357 (Qualitative studies) for examples on how to look at limitations/weakness of study designs


Credibility https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/academic_writing/establishing_arguments/research_and_evidence.html

You shared a basic explanation of the detailed explanation of the relationship between the selected research study, the theory used to guide the study, and an evidence-based practice recommendation that resulted from the research. More detail would better reflect your understanding and application of these principles to the work we do in professional nursing. Score 2.

This area had some nice general discussion, but there could be more detail looking at the theory applied to the research and a practice recommendation was not clear. IF your recommendation is to use the theory, give an example how you would use it.


1.However, on this slide you want to discuss the findings from the research. Example: The study on breastfeeding found that education on breastfeeding prenatally increased the duration of breastfeeding.


2. Then apply the theory to the research.  Watson’s theory focused on caring and support for the patient and this is able to be applied to the research because the breastfeeding education acts as a form of support for new mothers.  This theory can provide a healing environment for mothers.


3. Your practice Recommendation

Based on the theory and research discussed, a breastfeeding education session is suggested for all new mothers that choose to breastfeed.


The document you shared reflected a formal style throughout. There were no spelling or grammar errors noted, and APA format was used, when appropriate, in the work you submitted. Great job! Score 4. This was a well-organized, engaging presentation.

It is evident that you put much effort into this final, comprehensive deliverable. I know it is a large and complex assignment. Unfortunately, it will have to be resubmitted as a minimum of 2 must be achieved in each area of the rubric to pass this assignment/course. Please review the above feedback as well as the rubric to ensure you are meeting the full requirements of this assignment. It would be helpful to also revisit module content to fully grasp the concepts that are required to be addressed in this final submission. I look forward to reviewing your next submission