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Speech 2

Due: 12th

In the text box below, please submit a topic proposal for your informative process or demonstration speech.

Inform or teach how to do something, a process, in 3-5 minutes.  For example, how to play a musical instrument, speak another language, dance steps, tie a tie.

You must appear in the entire video for grading and authentication purposes.

To avoid inappropriate choices, I will provide feedback and approval for your proposed topic.

Due 17th

4.02 Speech 2, Speaking to Inform/Process or Demonstration Recorded In Big Blue Button, With 2 Peer Reviews

Process, Demonstration, or “How to” speech.

Teach or instruct the class how to do something in 3 (minimum) and 5 (maximum) minutes, using effective visual aids. For every ten seconds under three minutes or over five minutes there are two points deducted.  

What do you like to do, and know how to do well enough, that you can teach others in less than five minutes? For example; how to play a game, put on the uniform, cooking, crafting or how to speak a little of another language.  How to play a guitar, tune a guitar, or change the string on a guitar.  Your topic can’t be inappropriate, for example “how to play beer pong” or how to shoot a hand gun.  I prefer students in the same class have different topic so your topic must be approved. 

Instructions to Record a Lecture in Conferences Recording a Speech in Conferences.pdf

View Record Conference in the last section of the Record the Conferences instructions!  This will show you how to save your Conference/Speech so you can upload it into this assignment. Submit as many Conferences as needed, preferably no more than three and label the one you want graded. Please type your name and topic on your Conference. Do not leave your speech in Conferences.  End the Conference.

Do NOT share screen but make sure you enable audio and webcam sharing.

You will be able to see two separate screens. One contains video of you and the other contains your slides. 

Check your audio levels, make sure they are not muted, you can wear headphones.  To avoid excessive glare, point your camera away from a light source, lamp, ceiling light, or sunlit window.

Remember: upload your presentation to the assignment so your classmates can Peer Review your speech.

After the due date (Sunday at 11:59 p.m.) and you have uploaded your Speech 3 URL to this Assignment, you will be assigned three Peer Reviews, 12:01 a.m.  You are required to provide feedback for two speeches to earn the full 25 points, scroll down to see the links.

**For grading and authentication purposes, you MUST appear in the Conference.  With the exception of a video clip of no longer, than one minute, you must appear in the entire video.

For suggestions about visual aids, refer to Chapter 9, Presentation Aids. If you want to teach how to throw a football, you can use pictures, or a football and a volunteer (to catch).  You have to appear in your video, I can’t grade you if I can’t see you. Check your microphone, I must be able to hear you too!

Some topics are too simple, for example, how to make Kool-Aid.  This only takes about 30 seconds so add some background information.  What is Kool-Aid, who invented it, and how many flavors are there?  Grab our attention, in the introduction, with a short video clip of the Kool-Aid Man from the commercials.  

Make it fun and entertaining but remember to have all three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion.  The conclusion can be a short video or just a review of the steps covered in the body of the speech.  Video and audio clips (of someone else) can not exceed one minute total.

Peer Reviews (view and provide feedback on classmates speeches) are assigned after the Speech due date AND you have saved, and uploaded your speech to this Assignment.

**Participate in two Peer Reviews, to earn the full 25 points.  Participate in 2=25 points.  Participate in 1=15 points.

For Peer Review instructions click on the links below.  

How do I know if I have a peer review assignment to complete? guide (Links to an external site.)

Peer reviews for students video