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Some Questions You May Consider (Although You Are Not Limited To This List):


Pick a topic related to privacy that interests you. In a 500+ word paper, discuss this issue and give real world examples. Your paper can be a generic overview of what privacy is/why it is important or it can be a narrow look at a specific privacy topic (for example: any of the news articles from the previous page). Either way, make sure to use at least 2 external sources and give at least one real world example.

Some questions you may consider (although you are not limited to this list):

  • What is privacy?
  • Does privacy matter?
  • Is privacy a fundamental right?
  • Is privacy a universal right?
  • Is privacy the responsibility of the individual (you, me, etc), the collector (third-party apps, surveillance, etc), the government (US or otherwise) or a combination of parties?
  • What does the law say about privacy?
  • Are privacy laws similar around the world?

As always, avoid using personal pronouns and include a reference page.

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