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Knowing how strong, kind and independent Mrs. Brenda was despite her health issues, she never complained and manages to work two jobs to pay for her medical expenses. As always, I made my way to pharmacy register as I see Mrs. Brenda walking up to pick up her prescriptions. She would always make eye contact and make jokes and tell me about her day, but this time she was quit and looked stressed as I patiently wait for her to say something but rather, she kept her head down to avoid eye contact. As I was grabbing her prescription, she stopped me and said “hold it I don’t have the money right now.” Knowing she couldn’t go without her medication I did what any other son would do for her mother. Seeing her tearfulness and at a loss of words, she hugs me. Although I had no immediate solution to her problems, I felt fortunate to be able to be there for her. Simple act of kindness I offered Mrs. Brenda, hold great personal meaning. The irony of life is that it introduces you to the things you want while keeping them just out of your grasp. As we go through life’s trials and tribulations, we always seem to come away with an understanding of the truth. It’s up to every one of us to do something with these realities that makes the difference. I didn’t make the decision to become a healthcare professional because I was coerced into it. I’ve wanted to work in the medical field for as long as I can remember. My motivation to become a physician stems straight from my desire to serve others as well as my background.

Another reason that has greatly contributed to my desire to work in healthcare stems from a desire to further my knowledge of science and assist others who are close to me in improving their health. As a result of my low-income family history, my mother’s health issues necessitated surgery on a frequent basis and would become sick from time to time, but my parents couldn’t afford to pay for quick medical care. As a result of this, I made a vow to myself that one day, I would become a healthcare provider so that my family would no longer be troubled by health issues. As a result of my personal and professional experiences, I decided to pursue a career in Medicine. To be a physician demands expert knowledge and abilities, but it also requires a set of character traits, including perseverance, devotion, hard work, and enthusiasm. As a result of these attributes, I believe that I am well-suited for this line of work: This vocation will need regular collaboration with other physicians and nurses, and I’m prepared to do so on a regular basis. Working together as a team will allow everyone to do more for the benefit of the patients. My ability to work under pressure results from my willingness to put in the effort, and my aptitude to handle difficult situations. When I was a child, I remember how I handled my ill sibling, which made me more sensitive and compassionate toward those in need.

Emergency medicine is always been so fascinating field of medicine in my opinion because you never know what you will see coming through the door. So, Summer of Junior year of college I decided to become EMT. While training as an EMT, I have learned the significance of treating patients holistically and placing the needs of others before one’s own. These positions need one to be a servant leader who has understood the necessity of serving others in the health care industry. That’s not all; I also discovered going through EMT training that being a healthcare worker requires the ability to properly handle a wide range of health issues, both physical and mental. To better serve my patients, I’ve learned vital skills like compassion and toleration through seeing the patient’s emotional misery and depression-related discomfort. As a result, I’ve developed a strong urge to pursue a career to become a physician. Because of what I saw and experienced as a patient’s family member and as someone who aspires to be a healthcare practitioner, I now understand why care for the patient must include the patient’s loved ones. Devotion and discipline are necessary for practicing medicine, and I believe my upbringing contributed to their growth, as seen by my studies and experience. In spite of the demanding hours and mental toll, I am certain that my passion for helping others and my compassionate nature will help me succeed as a medical professional in the near future. In order to assist others in the same manner that we were helped when we were impoverished and in need of medical treatment, I want to pursue a career in medicine (Watson et al., 2022). I also want to be able to provide for my family and show them how proud I am to serve others. My understanding of patient care and my capacity to show compassion, tolerance, and acceptance has improved from volunteering and working with patients. This road offers me greater confidence because I have the qualities and attributes necessary to become an effective physician and because I am eager and passionate about learning more and working harder as I go along it. In order to alleviate the health concerns of my own family and my community, I made a commitment to myself that I would train to be a healthcare provider someday. My application for admission to your esteemed medical program would be highly appreciated if you would have a look at it.

simple questions

it has to be 200-300 words per question 

1. why did you choose Midwestern University’s Masters in Biomedical Science program? 

2. How did you first learn about Midwestern University?

3. Give a brief personal history including any additional information you believe may be useful in evaluating your application. 

4. which principles and practices of healthcare of greatest interest to you and why?