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Read your classmates’ posts and view the links they posted. Respond to at least two of them bu discussions whether you think the ad is either positive or negative.

Ashleymadison.com “Life is too short. Have an affair”

This sort of extra marital encounter and lack of respect for the family nucleus, has been degrading the American way of life over time. It promotes an unsafe and unhealthy behavior. The advertiser uses what most men would find attractive as a woman as the cover of the ad with the text “Life is too short. Have an affair”. This in combination with direct targeting to demographics is more likely to generate a “click” on the ad.


“See Life” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZLuP46Suu8

The advertisement above focuses on the potential any child can have if brought into this world. This promote a healthy and safe behavior. The video plays on or maternal or paternal emotions. It also uses imagery of a happy and child growing up.

The advertisements differ by one promoting an anti-family behavior while the other promotes it. The first ad is about how one person. On the marketing side they are both trying to incite an emotional response. The first is targeting lust. The second is love and care.