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Resource Teacher Know How

  Assessment DescriptionA special education teacher in a resource setting has a very difficult job, meeting the needs of a variety of students and covering a multitude of subject matters in a single class period. Being able to properly structure your class and effectively manage class time will help you meet the needs of all students and not become overwhelmed. Adding a number of strategies and accommodations to your teaching repertoire will also increase your efficacy in the classroom.For this assignment, take on the role of a first-year special education teacher who has been assigned to the resource room to work with students who are working at the ninth grade level for both English and math. You have about 10 students during this class period and an aide to assist you. Students meet with you for 50 minutes each day to get help with homework, finish their classwork, study for tests, and get extra support in each subject area. You will need to structure the class so that student needs in both subject areas will have time to be addressed.Use the “Class Profile” to obtain specific information about the needs of your students.Part 1: Teacher InquiriesIn 250-500 words compose a response for the following:

  • Questions you would have about your teaching assignment before it begins, including any requests for additional information.
  • Questions you would have for fellow teachers and administration.
  • Information you would like to have before the end of the first week of school.

Provide a rationale for each inquiry. Cite both the “Class Profile” and an additional minimum of two outside scholarly resources in your responses.Part 2: Classroom EnvironmentIn 500-750 words compose a response for the following:

  • Provide a minimum of three possible ways to structure the classroom setting.
  • Provide a minimum of two possible ways to structure a class period.
  • Provide a minimum of three instructional strategies, including accommodations and/or assistive technology, to meet the curricular content needs of your students in both the English language arts and math classes.
  • Provide two collaboration strategies to use when working with the classroom aide assisting you in meeting the needs of the students in the resource room setting.

Provide support for your responses, citing both the “Class Profile” and an additional minimum of two outside scholarly resources.