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research topic template and annotated bibliography 6-8 pages

Use the media pieces to understand the components of the annotated bibliography. Make sure to number each source. You should include 10 research sources in this assessment. Make sure to apply proper APA style and formatting. You will submit your annotated bibliography, research topic template, AND research matrix, as a single submission, but separate files.

Each annotation should include the citation of the source, just as you would list it in the reference list. Identify the author and make a statement related to the author’s qualifications. Identify the research question. Identify the research problem that the author hoped to resolve. Identify the methods used by the author to investigate the research question. Provide a summary of the findings. Evaluate the work. You can do this by addressing the arguments that were made in the research study or discussing the value that the research study findings have for the field: how it advances the knowledge base. Finally, discuss how the study supports your research topic. Identify whether the article is chosen for its usefulness in terms of method, content, or both content and method.

To successfully complete this assessment, make sure to:

· Finalize your research topic template. Check to make sure that the template has all sections filled out and that the topic has been narrowed as much as possible. It should end with a literature search question (LSQ).

· Finalize your research matrix or literature map. At this point it should include 10 research articles. You have a choice to create a literature map as outlined in the course text or use the research matrix provided in the course resources.

· Understand the components of the annotated bibliography. Revisit the media to understand what you need to know. Make sure to include the content that has been outlined above.

Note: your literature review will require 20 sources because you will need to include theoretical research sources. You may exceed 10 sources for this assessment but you must include no fewer than 10.

The annotated bibliography assessment should contain 6–8 pages, including the cover page.

research topic template and annotated bibliography 6-8 pages

Scholarly Research Log

Scholarly Research Log Note: This is just one possible way to set up a research log. Feel free to adapt this in a way that works for you.
Article or Book citation DOI (if applicable) Hyperlink to Resource
(if applicable)
Peer Review? Theory/Model Method(s) Measurement or test used Research Variable 1 Research Variable 2 Research Variable 3 Major Findings Additional Findings Good Quotes Questions Other Notes
Cited, F. & Prototype, P. (2018). To plagiarize is to steal ideas: Students’ knowledge about citing. New Publisher Press. https://campus.capella.edu/academic-honesty-and-apa/avoiding-plagiarism No Kohlberg’s theory of moral development qualitative x x The majority of students agreed it was wrong to use someone else’s words without citing that person. P. 167 – “All but one of the twelve interviewed graduate students understood they were supposed to cite their sources….” Describes graduate students’ attitudes about plagiarism and the likelihood they have plagiarized others’ works themselves.
Exemplar, J. (2019). Properly citing sources correlates to reported self-efficacy. Journal of Academic Papers, 8(6), 534-547. https://10.1080/0220970903548046 https://10.1080/0220970903548046 https://campus.capella.edu/writing-center/evidence-and-apa Yes self-efficacy quantitative, correlational Resource Use Self-Efficacy Scale x x Positive correlation between high score on self-efficacy scale and percentage of properly cited sources. Students who reference the APA guidelines created more accurate citations than those who didn’t. P. 541 – statistics comparing number of correct citations. Did students who found the APA guidelines easy to use do a better job of citing accurately?


Database Search Log

Database Search Log Instructions: Use this log to keep track of which databases and searches you have already tried.
Date Database Name Keywords Limiters/Filters Results Link to Search (if available) Notes
5/14/20 CINAHL Complete Line 1: chronic pain
Line 2: prevention or control or management
Line 3: older people or older adults or elderly
Removed check from Full Text box.
Limited to last 5 years.
Limited first 2 lines to AB Abstract.
287 results. Saved 17 to RefWorks http://library.capella.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=ccm&bquery=AB+chronic+pain+AND+AB+(+prevention+or+control+or+management+)+AND+(+older+people+or+older+adults+or+elderly+)&cli0=RV&clv0=Y&cli1=DT1&clv1=201601-202012&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=ehost-live&scope=site (Example) Note: To get a persistent link to a search in Ebsco databases, click the Share link above the top result on the right side of the page. The persistent link to the search is the last thing in the dropdown menu.
5/15/20 ProQuest Central Line 1: online education OR online learning Line 2: “instructional design” Removed check from Full Text box.
Limited to last 5 years.
Limited both lines to Anywhere except full text–NOFT.
609 results. Saved 26 to RefWorks. https://capellauniversity.libguides.com/PQ_MedicalLibrary/CreateAccount (Example) Note: If you want a persistent link for a ProQuest database search, you have to create a “My Research” account, first. Link to left includes directions.
To start a new line of text inside a single cell, press Alt+Enter.



Research Topic Template And Annotated Bibliography 6-8 Pages


research topic template, AND research matrix, as a single submission, but separate files. The annotated bibliography assessment should contain 6–8 pages,  Attached is the instructions to follow and the Matrix to use please do not count the 2 that are already done for you.