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Project: Poster Presentation with Abstract for Healthcare Conference

Assignment Scenario: As you continue in your career, you may find that attending professional conferences, in-person or virtually, may be beneficial to your professional development. In this scenario, you will be presenting a poster and abstract at a professional conference to share your knowledge, skills, and expertise on a specific healthcare subject matter. You will select your specific subject matter from the Topic List Options provided below. Your topic will be personalized based on the Topic and the Option you select for your presentation. Example: Topic 1: Strategic Human Resource Management which will be based on Option 1-A of my local community. Each Topic that is provided below is from the course’s content. While you may use any of the eBooks, materials, or publications provided within the weekly content sections of this course, you may also have to conduct your own research to create your poster and abstract.

Several templates have also been provided for you. Please review the templates that are located within the Resources section below the assignment prompt, then select one that you feel will be best for your poster presentation. Please note that you can only use free programs to create your poster, and if you are planning on using a specific program outside of Microsoft Office, then you will need to email the instructor to review your request. The abstract must be provided in Microsoft Word.

Assignment Requirements: Submit Your Poster and Your Abstract as 2 Documents

Poster Requirements: Present Your Poster Using a Microsoft Office Product. Examples: Publisher or PowerPoint

Poster Title
: Your poster should include the title that you are presenting, be brief, but long enough that the audience can understand the topic. 

: Create at least one illustration, graphic, graph, table, or other image for your poster. Do NOT use any images that are not your own creation. Unlicensed Clip Art may be used as a supplement only, if desired.

Appropriate Headers
: Each area on the poster must include appropriate headers or titles for the information contained with the section.

: Blocks of text should be brief but informative. Expand on: a) why the information you are presenting is important, b) background and evaluation of topic, c) what you learned,  and d) focus on the key items that you researched for your selected topic.

: A minimum of four references with correlating in-text citations are required. Supporting external evidence will need to be presented using APA 7th Edition formatting. Your references should be from the last five years, collected from the any of the weekly course content, and you may include a maximum of two additional resources outside of the weekly content from your own personal research.

Abstract Requirements: Present Your Abstract in a Word Document

Formatting and Length
: Your abstract should be between 250 to 500 words, formatted in APA 7th Edition using Microsoft Word.

: The abstract should highlight the major points of your poster, explain: a) why the information you are presenting is important, b) background and evaluation of topic, c) what you learned,  and d) focus on the key items that you researched for your selected topic.

: Include any references from your poster in your abstract. Ensure that all references and in-text citations are formatted in APA 7th Edition formatting. You are not required to include all your references from the poster unless they are needed to present the information within your abstract.

Topic List Options for Your Poster Presentation with Abstract

Topic 1: Healthcare Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
: Select One Option for this Topic.

Option 1-A
SHRM Challenges and Opportunities within Your Local Community. (You must provide the location in your presentation, be sure to include the city and state of focus.)

Option 1-B: Labor Relations and Labor Costs from the United States to Another Country or Countries.
 (You must clearly identify the country or countries that you are comparing to the United States.)

Topic 2: 
Quality and Change Management
: Select One Option for this Topic.

Option 2-A
Implementing a Quality Improvement (QI) Initiative using a Specific Quality Method for a Healthcare Facility. (You must clearly identify the type of healthcare setting that you will be presenting the information on such as a hospital, skilled nursing facility, ambulatory center, etc.; concisely define the QI initiative such as a specific patient care improvement objective or organizational objective like reduce call light wait times, improve patient experience, etc.; and you must state one specific type of QI method/tool that you will be applying such as Six Sigma, Lean, FMEA, etc. You may select an actual QI initiative from an organization or create a hypothetical situation for this option.)

Option 2-B: Change Management using a Specific Approach 
(You must clearly identify the healthcare setting that you will be presenting the information on such as hospital, skilled nursing facility, ambulatory center, etc.; concisely defined the type of change management approach that you will be using such as Lewin’s Three Step Approach, Kotter’s Eight-Step Approach, etc.; and describe the specific situation that you will be addressing such as adopting new technology, implementing a new specific process, etc. You may select an actual Change Management initiative or create a hypothetical situation for this option.)

Topic 3
: Finance and Economics
: Select One Option for this Topic.

· Option 3-A: Select a Financial Case Study from Gapenski’s Cases in Healthcare Finance (You can select a case study from the eBook, Gapenski’s Cases in Healthcare Finance, Sixth Edition, which you can present your poster and abstract on for this project. The eBook permalink is located in the course’s toolkit of the class under the Finance and Economics section.)

· Option 3-B: The IHI’s Triple Aim: Applying a Value-Based Payment Model (You will present information on The IHI’s Triple Aim associated to defining value under one of these models: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs); Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) Model 2, 3,or 4; BPCI Advanced; Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH); or private insurance value based programs. You will need to define your healthcare setting and your selected value-based payment model. You may select an actual healthcare organization that is using a value-based payment initiative or create a hypothetical situation for this option.)

Topic 4: 
Cultural Competency and Health Literacy
: Select One Option for this Topic.

· Option 4-AHealth Literacy and the Role of Culture (You will need to select a specific population; select a level of health literacy such as functional, interactive, or critical; provide details associated to that specific culture related to health literacy; and provide details to how the specific culture is influenced by your selected topic within health literacy.)

· Option 4-B: Cultural Competency and Patient Care Delivery: (You will select a specific culture or population; select a specific healthcare setting; and apply your specific culture or population to the healthcare setting related to patient care delivery considerations such as disparities, disease management, challenges, barriers, or any aspect of care that should be considered.)

Topic 5: 
Teamwork and Communication
: Select One Option for this Topic.

· Option 5-A: Interdisciplinary Teams and Outcomes (You will select a healthcare setting, a specific issue for the team, and present information on the different components of the team that influence organizational outcomes, patient outcomes, or overall functionalities. You may use an actual healthcare organization that has applied an interdisciplinary team to address an issue or create your own hypothetical situation for this option.)

· Option 5-B: Best Practices of Effective Healthcare Teams (You will select a healthcare setting and provide information from your research on the best practices of effective healthcare teams that are supported through scholarly evidence. You may include principles, values, organizational characteristics, theories, or other applicable elements to describe the best practices that you identified from your research.)

Topic 6: 
Risk Management and Emergency Management
: Select One Option for this Topic.

· Option 6-AEmergency Management with Your Local Community. (You must clearly identify the location, including your city and state. The emergency can be applied to a specific healthcare setting, a natural disaster, epidemic, pandemic, or any event that requires emergency management.)

· Option 6-B: Risk Management Planning in a Healthcare Setting. (You must clearly identify the healthcare setting and apply a risk management plan to a specific event such as safety, regulations, compliance, etc.)

Topic 7: 
Information Technology
: Select One Option for this Topic

· Option 7-AMeaningful Use and Information Technology. (You may use historical stages or apply current aspects of Meaningful Use such as interoperability, regulations, or programs.)

· Option 7-B: Innovations of Information Technology in Healthcare (You will need to define the view such as organizational, national, or global; discuss the type or types of technology; and include the influence that IT has had related to healthcare delivery.)

Topic 8: 
Healthcare Globalization
: Select One Option for this Topic.

· Option 8-AManagerial Ethics in Global Health (You will need to define the ethical issues and healthcare settings or context.)

· Option 8-B: Future Trends in Global Health (Define the global trends, issues, or policies that may influence health from an international perspective.)

poster presentation


Poster Presentation

Student’s Name

Author’s Affiliation

Course Number & Name

Instructor’s Name

Assignment Due Date

Poster Presentation

Student’s Name:

Selected Option: Option 4-B: Cultural Competency and Patient Care Delivery

Healthcare Setting/Situation/Location: diabetes education centers

Actual Organization or Hypothetical Situation: actual organization

Name of Organization (if applicable): Memorial Hospital

Poster Focus Area: Patient care delivery

Population of Focus: Hispanic population

Tool/Method/Approaches/Patient Outcomes (if applicable): Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

At Least One Idea for Your Graph/Illustration/Image that You will Create: Type 2 diabetes

Provide a summary of your ideas that you may present: (Be sure to offer any additional details about your selected option below for your professor’s review. You can always change the details, as the summary should provide an overview of your ideas, so the professor can understand your approach and offer any recommendations or support.)

I plan to use the Hispanic culture to address the cultural competence project at the memorial hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, to address the risk factors and complications of type 2 diabetes among the Hispanic elderly population. I will use the diabetes self-management education and support approach to help the targeted population with diabetes learn how to take the best care of themselves. I will include the Hispanic cultural competence to create awareness of type 2 diabetes among the elderly population as they are the most target population for diabetes. I will need to research more to use diabetes self-management education and support approach to change the target population’s lifestyle to live a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, I intend to incorporate best cultural practices to encourage the best self-management of diabetes among the hospitalized patient.

Poster Presentation



This is a 2 part assignment (Part A and Part B)

  1. Part A:

Complete a poster presentation activity by following these instructions:

Prepare a single poster presentation, using Prezi or similar product. The poster will describe your scholarly project as if it was complete and you were submitting your poster presentation to a professional audience.

  • Develop your poster based on your review of literature, table of evidence, and abstract.
  • In your poster, provide SAMPLE results using tables and/or figures to illustrate findings you might anticipate. Clearly mark the Table or Figure as a Sample. Refer to the document – Critical Appraisal of the Evidence: Part III as a guide. 
  • Use APA formatting for your source citations and references.
  • Part B:

There are many resources available for data analysis and which ones you use will depend in large part on the type of data you have and the decisions that must be made based on that data. This assignment is designed to provide you with some basic understanding of one source that may be available to you for data analysis, IBM SPSS Statistics software.

You are not being asked to purchase this software. You will only need to download a free trial of SPSS for this course. This version of SPSS is only to be used to review, demonstrate, and evaluate IBM SPSS Statistics Software for purchase considerations later. Your trial period is only for 14 days, so you must use good judgment in when to download it and then complete the assignments related to it. Execute the following functions using SPSS.

  1. Enter the following data





Pretest score

Post-test score































b) Run descriptive statistics on the data

c) Run a frequency distribution on the data

d) Create a graph of posttest scores

  1. Complete the SPSS Assignment Table below




1. What was your mean?

2. What were your t-test results?

3. What was your standard deviation?

 project:    In alert and oriented adult patients on a medical surgical unit, does engagement of patients using a scripted tool during bedside handoff at each shift change compared to no patient engagement in nursing handoff increase HCAHPS scores and positive patient feedback in leadership rounding after a three-month period?  

    • 45

    Poster presentation


    Poster Presentation

    Students this project will allow you to formulate and hypothetically develop your own research project. The purpose of this project is for the student to follow all of the different steps in a research project on an already published article and presented as a poster presentation. A poster session or poster presentation is the presentation of research information by an individual or representatives of research teams at a congress or conference with an academic or professional focus. The work is usually peer reviewed. Poster sessions are particularly prominent at scientific conferences such as medical congresses. 

    Students will select the same article from week 7 and create a poster presentation that include the below information: I upload a template for the poster

    The outline of the poster should include the following tabs (minimum requirements)

    Abstract Outline: 

    -Title of Project

    -Problem Statement: what is the problem that needs fixing?

    -Purpose of the Project

    -Research Question(s)


    -Methodology (Qualitative vs. Quantitative)

    -Steps in implementing your project


    Results (Pretend results)



    I have attached an example of a poster presentation for guidance. 



    Outstanding 4

    Very Good 3

    Good 2

    Unacceptable 1




    Complete in all respects; reflects all   requirements

    Complete in most respects; reflects most   requirements

    Incomplete many respects; reflects few   requirements

    Incomplete in most respects; does not reflect requirements



    Demonstrates excellent understanding of the   topic(s) and issue(s)

    Demonstrates an accomplished understanding of the   topic(s) and issue(s)

    Demonstrates an acceptable understanding of the   topic(s) and issue(s)

    Demonstrates an inadequate understanding of the   topic(s) and issue(s)



    Presents an insightful and through analysis of the issue (s) identified

    Presents a thorough analysis of most of the   issue(s) identified

    Presents a superficial analysis of some of the issue(s)   identified

    Presents an incomplete analysis of the issue(s)   identified.



    Makes appropriate and powerful connections between   the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied

    Makes appropriate connections between the issue(s)   identified and the concept(s) studied

    Makes appropriate but somewhat vague connections   between the issue(s) identified and the concept(s) studied

    Makes little or no connection between the issue(s)   identified and the concept(s) studied.



    Supports opinion with strong arguments and   evidence; presents a balanced and critical view; interpretation is both   reasonable and objective

    Supports opinion with reasons and evidence;   presents a fairly balanced view; interpretation is both reasonable and   objective

    Supports opinion with limited reasons and   evidence; presents a somewhat one-sided argument

    Supports opinion with few reasons and little   evidence; argument is one-sided and not objective.



    Presents detailed, realistic, and appropriate   recommendations clearly supported by the information presented and concepts   studied

    Presents specific, realistic and appropriate   recommendation supported by the information presented and the concepts   studied

    Presents realistic or appropriate recommendation   supported by the information presented and the concepts studied

    Presents realistic or appropriate recommendation   with little, if any, support from the information and the concepts studied.


    Grammar and Spelling

    Minimal spelling and grammar errors

    Some spelling and grammar errors

    Noticeable spelling and grammar errors

    Unacceptable number of spelling and grammar errors


    APA guidelines

    Uses APA guidelines accurately and consistently to   cite sources

    Uses APA guidelines with minor violations to cite   sources

    Reflects incomplete knowledge of APA guidelines

    Does not use APA guidelines