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Peer Response 2

· response should be a minimum of 75 words.


Hello Class,

I decided to go with appeals to authority.

Good Example:

Person A said that X is true.

Person A is an authority on the subject.

Therefore, X is true

This makes this example good because this type of reasoning is strong depends on the issue and the authority is cited and leaving it to be a strong inductive argument.

Bad example:

For example, someone claims that “most dentists say toothbrush X is the best kind of toothbrush for you, so it must be true”. If this is the only proof they offer, and we are unable to verify if it’s actually correct, we don’t have real reasons to believe it’s truthfulness.

This makes this example bad because based on authority opinions can’t be verified, and appeals vaguely to some unnamed experts

To tell if the appeals of authority form is strong or weak, its goes by the better the authority , the stronger the testimony will be and the worse the authority, the weaker the testimony will be. The best to evaluate appeals of authority in daily life is reply on the original facts and data of an information.