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Outline 1. introduction about asthma comprehensive treatment

Asthma treatment pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment Instruction -This is book chapter it has to be in 2500 words . The language has to formal concise and clear. -The writing style has to be critical thinking. Present evidences, which medication is the best in each of all the categories of the asthma treatment. And which medication is well recommended and why with evidences -The information that has to be provided are medication name , actions, side effects , half life , some nursing intervention or considerations. -You dont have to mentioned all the medication listed , mention the very well-known and very important one as it is mentioned in the literature. Then other medication could be listed in tables. -make it more critical thinking and well-reviewed chapter and Back up all the information with peer review research/ articles. the references has to be no older than 8 years. List the medication under each category in tables as it shows in the article. To make it more clear and comprehensive .You can past a diagram if it is necessary. -Remember that this chapter will be attached to other chapter of pathophysiology , aetiologies, and diagnostic treatment -Present full information of the medication as briefly as you can as it has to be comprehensive. Outline 1. introduction about asthma comprehensive treatment (pharmacological and pharmacological treatment). 2. State the objective of the this paper. 3. How asthma medication work. 4. Long term control medication Inhaled corticosteroid Long acting beta agonist Inhaled steroids combined with long acting beta agonists Cromolyn sodium and nedocromil ( mast cell stabilizers) Theophylline Leukotriene modifiers Anti IgE therapy 5. Quick relief medications 6. Short acting bronchodilators Anticholinergic Oral corticosteroids 7. Other medication 8. Administering asthma medications Non pharmacological treatment 9. Self-management, 10. social support, 11. education, 12. environmental scanning, 13. awareness.