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OB Nursing Concept Map


After you complete entering your assignment information onto the Word Document of the Concept Map, please convert and submit the document into PDF file format before submitting, not a Word document file. Recommended: Be sure to save the Word document version of your assignment for your records.


1. Go to File.

2. Select “Save as AdobePDF”.

3. Save your file and then submit the PDF version of your assignment.

History of Present Illness

-HPI explained in detail with accurate and in-depth understanding of chief complaint and supported by evidence based citations.

Physical Assessment, & Diagnostic tests/ procedures

-Identifies comprehensive assessments parameters relevant to medical diagnoses with relevant diagnostic procedures supported by evidence based citations.

Past Medical & Surgical History, Pathophysiology

-Past medical/surgical history detailed with full explanation of Pathophysiology for each diagnosis & accurate details with specific detail related to the client’s history and symptoms and supported by evidence based citations.

Erikson’s Developmental Stages

-Identifies and defines correct stage with examples of meeting/not meeting tasks supported by evidence based citations.

Socioeconomic/ Psychosocial Assessment

-Describes socioeconomic and cultural background in complete detail with references; Identifies 3 psychosocial concerns.

Interprofessional Consults & Discharge Referrals

Lists 3 or more appropriate collaborative s/concerns; Rationale demonstrates excellent understanding of consults and interventions.

Potential Health Deviations

-Identifies TWO prioritized risk factors in proper format; Writes 3 independent nursing interventions.

Priority Nursing Diagnosis

-TWO (2) prioritized diagnoses written correctly with proper format with proper etiology with sufficient data to support the diagnosis.

Implementation and Rationale

-Identifies 4 comprehensive nursing interventions which support each SMART goal and nursing diagnoses. Nursing interventions are appropriate and safe and demonstrates clinical reasoning. Includes nursing and pharmacological interventions. Includes at least 1 health teaching intervention that considers health literacy level and needs of patient/family. Includes psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural needs. Each is supported with scientific rationale using textbook or EBP.

Planning/Goals & Evaluation

-Goal is measureable, realistic, related to the problem; Data supports if goal is met, not met with appropriate revisions.


-Lists all MAR medications with relevant side effects and nursing considerations specific to patient and reasons why patient is receiving drug. Shows safe ranges by weight for infants and children or gives a rationale if it is out of range.

General Organization

-Accurate APA format; Appropriate citations & references; No spelling or grammar errors.