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o prepare for the discussion review the content posted by least one student in two separate wiki pages.

To prepare for the discussion review the content posted by least one student in two separate wiki pages. Please review this 2 wiki and post your comments Post your opinion about this 2 wiki. My son is autistic. We have made many decisions about treatments and care. He is high functioning. When it came to education the school was not teaching him reading, writing and math, but how to socialize. By third grade he was very outgoing and did very well in social situations. They did not want to start teaching him the basics. So he literally sat in a room all day long playing. This was not appropriate for him. He was trying to read and wanted to scribble. I talked with his teachers and the aide. This was my way of defining the problem. The problem was he was not learning and they were not teaching him the basics. I analyzed the problem. There were many smaller problems to this. I started researching options. The options were to change schools or take a drastic approach and home school. I knew if I did this with one child I would do it for both. I found a happy medium option. I could have teacher support and teach him at home. This was an e-school. I looked into the schools. I made the decision to e-school. Then I implemented the decision. We started with the school in 3rd grade and he has been doing great ever since. By the end of his third grade year he could read and write at a kindergarten level. He could also do simple math. This was the best decision we made. Abortion is ridding the body of an unwanted fetus. I am against abortion because it is wrong to kill a child. The moral claim is that killing babies is wrong. The moral theory is moral relevatism. Unless it is medically necessary the life of a baby should not be taken. I do not want to go into a long drawn out conversation about the subject. I also believe religious relevatism is a part of the argument as well. I believe it is a sin to kill anyone let alone a child. These are my personal beliefs and I hold strong to them. I do not judge others for what they do because it is not my place to judge anyone. These are my beliefs and are a part of the morals that I live by.