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Networking Lab Work INT 2681


  1. Complete Netlab 1 and submit your lab summary here.

    NETLAB 1 A: DNS Footprinting/Social Engineering With Social Engineering Toolkit (35 Pts)

    1. Footprinting using nslookup 
    2. Comparing nslookup with dig 
    3. Virtual Machines: Kali Linux, pfSense, OpenSUSE 
    4. Using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) 
    5. NETLAB 1 . B Package Crafting / Social Engineering with Social Engineering ToolKit.
    6. Packet Crafting with Scapy
    7. Sending crafted packets 
    8. Virtual Machines: Kali Linux, pfSense, Owasp Broken App 
    9. Modifying SET Parameters. 
    10. Testing the SET Attack. 
    11. NETLAB 1. C: Reconnaissance with Nmap, Zenmap and Massacen. (30 Points)
    12. Reconnaissance Using Nmap 
    13. Reconnaissance Using Zenmap 
    14. Reconnaissance using Masscan 
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