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module 2 study guide assignment

1. Which atmospheric layer
contains all our weather on


2.. What are the four most
abundant gasses in today’s
amosphere along with their

percentage of the total. Which
of these show the greatest

variation from place to place?

3. What is the difference
between permanent gasses

and variable gasses? List the
top 3 for each.

4.. What are the two
atmospheric gasses that have

the biggest affect on the
Earth’s climate and why?

5. How is carbon dioxide
naturally produced and

naturally distroyed near the
earth’s surface? How is the

amount of carbon dioxide in
the air currently impacted by

human activity?

6. Explain how the atmosphere
“protects” inhabitants at the

earth’s surface.

7. Describe some of the
important roles that water
plays in our atmosphere.


8.. What are the thermal layers
of the atmosphere? Outline

what happens to temperature
as you increase in altitude

within the troposphere,
stratosphere, mesosphere, and


9. Which atmospheric
layer contains the highest
concentration of ozone?
The highest average air


10. Explain the concept of
air pressure. Why does air

pressure always decrease with
increasing height?

11. Describe the coriolis
effect. What is its cause?

12. How does the coriolis
effect influence the speed an
object, the direction it moves,

and how fast the object

13. On the diagram to
the right, draw in how the

coriolis effect would deflect
the moving objects (arrows)

depicted in the diagram.


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