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Analysis of a Argentinas Economy

Your presentation should be divided into three parts:

Introduction: Review the economic growth of the country over the last 20-30 years. Use the data on websites like trading economics to identify GDP, consumption, investment and other data. 

Then, identify Argentinas factors of production – you can use the cia.gov website for this but please do not copy or paste any text and classify and analyze the information rather than just producing a list of statistics.

Current situation: Review the current situation of Argentinas economy. Include GDP and any significant changes in expenditure – consumption/savings; investment; government spending/taxes and exports/imports and the impact of covid19 and lockdowns. Only mention recent changes. Identify and explain the current unemployment and inflation rate; compare it to other similar countries to see if it is doing better or worse.


Understand the forces and policies that contribute to a country’s economic growth and how they apply to a particular country

Learning outcomes

·  Comprehend the function of the economic cycle

·  Identify the economic issues and point out possible solutions

10 slides 

Harvard referencing 

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