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Team Goal:

Describe a goal(s) your team wishes to accomplish for this project.

Ground Rules:

Identify procedures for working together as a team. How will you communicate, participate, cooperate and support each other? How will you hold one another accountable?

Individual Roles and Assignments:

Considering the skills that each team member brings to the group, provide an outline of the basic tasks or deliverables for which each team member will be responsible

Conflict Management:

Outline your process for dealing with both individual and team performance issues.


Plagiarism is a serious issue. Teams need to hold each other accountable for citing sources and avoiding plagiarism. Paraphrase when you take material from a source. Use quotation marks if you take a direct quote. Cite your sources. If one member is caught plagiarizing, it will affect the grade for the whole group. How will you hold each other accountable?

The Legal Advisory/Employee Team will be responsible for creating a 2 – 3 page advisory report to each the Union and Management Teams at the start of the first week for each exercise (Organizing Campaign, Bargaining and Arbitration)

The Legal Advisory Teams will create and provide a 2 – 3 page legal opinion/report, providing the Management and Union Team’s legal advice.

The Legal Advisory/Employee Teams will provide the Management and Union team’s legal advice and precautions for union organizing campaigns such as campaigns, election and certification process, strategies & unfair labor practices. The report(s) will discuss the NLRB oversight, the process of organizing, precautions for potential unfair labor process, possible outcomes and authority of the NLRB following elections. 

The Legal Advisory Report(s) will be posted for the Management and Union parties on the Week 3 – Organizing Campaign Team Board by midnight Tuesday.