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Post 1

The years before the civil war the country was divided into the ways they saw things. The north saw slavery as a thing of the past and the south still had slaves and enforced it. The South didn’t believe that without their team of slaves the states would starve nor get the products they wanted. Due to the north being free states the south starts to get mad that the slaves are running away to be free and demand that if any slave is found running away to the north be brought back to their owners. The north even allowed black men to join the army, but they were still separated from everyone and didn’t receive the same treatment. The north and the south had different views on how black people should be treated but for the south, they believed that it was their right to own slaves. 

Post 2

Southerners, such as the planters and storekeepers in Georgia, were worried both for their profits and supplies during the war. They wrote letters to the governor in an attempt to explain to him their concerns about what would happen to crops and supplies if such a war were to take place. The planter pointed out that he did not think the work was “unnecessary”, but he believed that there was a cheaper and more effective way to solve the problems without going to war. The south depended on slaves for work and labor that they feared would be taken away with the Civil War, especially after the election of Abraham Lincoln who had shown his support for the emancipation of slaves. According to https://avalon.law.yale.edu/19th_century/csa_missec.asp, ” a blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization,” which further proves the point that southern states, Mississippi in this case, depended on slavery to perform labor. On the contrary, the north, or “the Union”, were fighting for the rights of blacks, and were supported by the black community as shown by the letter written by the black residents of Nashville to the Union Convention that states their support and willingness to fight for the Union army and vote with them.

Post 3

The years before the Civil War contained different events from the north and the south that eventually led to the secession of the southern states. Cotton became a large export from the south and as the demand for cotton grew so did the slave population in the south. Slaves became a part of trade and were used to do labor that the traders didn’t want to do. In the north, laws were passed allowing slaves who came to the north to be free from their southern masters and many people in the north were major advocates of the abolitionist movement. The new law that the north set up threatened southern economy and this led to the decision of seceding from the US so that they could no longer control the south’s slaves. The southerners saw there movement as perfect and believed themsleves to be righteous in there decisioning. The north however, saw the south as helpless and began to find anyway to bring the south back into the US. The Civil War began and the south saw themselves as being the victors and no longer having to be part of the US. The North knew the south didn’t have any actual military and knew that the only way the south would win is by sea so the north cut off the ports and no longer allowed major trade or ships to sail in the south. The reality was that the south was poorly outmatched by the north and they had no chance of winning overall while the north was almost guaranteed to win from the beginning. The visions of both sides mattered because if they didn’t the war would’ve been fought over nothing and the lessons learned by the southerners and northerners would not have effected anything. The election of Abraham Lincoln strengthened the southern belief that they should secede from the US. They believed that Lincoln was against them and wouldn’t help them with anything. The creation of the confederate nation shaped the norths vision of the south into a more “fact” than opinion. The decision to secede showed the south’s problematic nature and showed the north just what they had already presumed.

Post 4

In the Emancipation Proclamation article, Abraham Lincoln d the Proclamation in 1863 after he became president of the North in 1860. The creation of the confederate government brought together the states that shared slavery as a common practice. In the Louisiana Planters article, the south is mad at the North for stealing their stuff. The slaves needed to be captured and returned to their masters. As for Northerners, they would kill rebels and free slaves. In the Order of the Commander article, I found that even though that the North said that black men could join the army, they were still segregated in the North Army and did not serve side by side as equals. The visions of both the Northerners and Southerners did not match reality. It depends on which side one wants to stand. Either the North is good and they are borrowing from the South, or the South thinks that the North is stealing from them. In the Letters of Margaretta Mason and Lydia Child, Child wanted to visit James Brown, so she wrote a letter to General Mason. The general condemned the reply. Child said that Brown was for anti-slavery and was just trying to help by supporting a murder. We all know that slavery is a bad thing, but to the South, it was a way of life. The states’ rights battle today continues to be argued. During the war between the states, the Southern states believed that it was their right to have slaves. The North believed that it was not. The South needed to abolish this practice at whatever the cost. The election of Lincoln and the creation of the Confederate nation shaping the visions changed a lot. In the American YAWP chapter 14, the Civil War, Lincoln’s election as president almost immediately changed the landscape, and South Carolina moved quickly to succeed due to Lincoln’s political views on slavery. This had very deciding consequences for both halves of the country for years to come.