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How may this influence exercise choices and special considerations?

Formatting Instructions: 12 font, Times New Roman, stapled pages At top of first page, left justified in separate lines: Line one: name, date, class section Line two: working original title based upon your assigned topic and research you have read Objective: Practice finding, reading, and critiquing relevant journal articles to your semester project. This is a critical review/summation of FIVE of the articles used in your research. Use at least five articles that provide information on your sub discipline, and its interactions with both the medical condition and/or the bodys ability to exercise. Please choose articles at this point that will serve the purpose of the end-project this term. At this time, it is important to review the poster outline assignment, so that you are choosing articles that will assist the development of your literature review. This assignment is a step within the large group project. Assignment: Create a list of annotated references for your five articles using APA format. Note: the articles you choose for this assignment can be from your original ten, or from additional searches of better articles. For each article: write a 200-word (maximum) annotation including the following: (* Need five article from the references list which I submit or rom additional searches of better articles) and (*please separately write each article) Purpose/summary of the research. Strengths, weaknesses, and biases you may have noticed that support or refute their exercise claims. Is there an important aspect missing that you wish the authors would have addressed or explained. Did the authors give you details of their methods so that you could utilize their exercise choices in your own plans, or were there important aspects missing? Unique aspects/new things you learned from this research. How may this influence exercise choices and special considerations? See the Owl website below for a description of an annotated reference list. The link within this web page also instructs the proper way to paraphrase from the original writings of an article. It will assist you in being short, succinct, and to the point. BONUS: it teaches you how to avoid plagiarism. owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/