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Homework Assignment 4

  1. Chapter 10 Case Study – Five Guys, Question #1. You will need to submit your supporting formula work and analysis/conclusions in Excel.
  2. Chapter 11 Case Study – Clarkson, Question, #2. You will need to submit your supporting formula work analysis/conclusions in Excel.
  3. Refer back to your dataset used in Module 3 homework problems. Now, let’s assume that the package claims that it contains 1.7 oz. of mustard seed. Some of the customers claim that there isn’t enough mustard seed in the 1.7 oz. economy size; corporate management is worried that there may be too much. Given the sample of 36, assuming that it is adequate, test the hypothesis that the average amount of mustard seed in the package meets the 1.7 oz. standard with, say, 95% confidence. Be sure to state the null and alternative hypothesis and which you support. Include your Excel output. For extra assistance, reference section 9.3 and> USING THE COMPUTER > Excel > “To perform a T test of a single mean”, etc.  Is there anything you would want to note for management?