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History of Art and design4

1. The Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland (2004–2011) by Zaha Hadid. .( interior/ architectural)

Zaha Hadid (2013) Riverside Museum Glascow, Scotland - BubbleMania

30 Mind Blowing Zaha Hadid Works - Rhythm of the Home

2. Restoration of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia sets example for world | Daily Sabah Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. .( interior/ architectural)

A symbol of civilizations: Hagia Sophia

3. Taj Mahal — Agra, India. .( interior/ architectural).

a tall building in front of a river

4. Dancing House — Prague, Czech Republic. .( interior/ architectural)

a building that slants

5. The Pompidou Centre, Le Centre Pompidou — Paris, France.( interior/ architectural)

Centre Pompidou - Prices and tickets - Paris Tourist Office

6. The Gateway Arch — St. Louis, Missouri, USA (architectural).

a large arch in the sky

Task requirements:

Analyze the above work of arts from an interior design and architectural point of view, covering each aspect in a separate paragraph for each of the six designs, reflecting your personal opinion and point of view of each design, as well as mentioning the background of the designer himself and talk about his life, and going into all the details of each design. Then use a table form below on a separate page to lay out the aspects as a comparison of each design, as illustrated below and include it in the word file.

*Analyzing and Comparison aspects:

Comparison aspect

The Riverside Museum

Taj Mahal

Dancing House

The Pompidou Centre

The Gateway Arch

Year of building

Historical value

Social effects

Culture reflection

Influence of the designer

Elements of the design

Style of the design

Inspiration behind the design

Dominated colors of design

Materials used

Symbols used

Status of the building (the added value)


Environmental friendly

Accessibility for reduced mobility persons