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History of Art and design2

Social, historical and cultural impacts on society by art work from 1900 till 1925

The History of interior design




While I consider myself one of the proudest students at this collage, to get a chance to represent some of the most brilliant artwork in this time frame, and introduce you to some of the genius artists of all times. In this paper I’ll be going through five of the paintings that in my opinion left a mark on history of art in ways that should be remembered and valued for, were I’ll be diving in the aspects of the painting; covering the impact of each drawing on society wither from cultural, social and historical point of view, as well as the background of the artists, their styles and the drawing methods they used.

*Note: please feel free to edit this page and complete it, as I only was trying to write an idea about what the paper should look like.

* Also this assignment should be cited, using APA citation style and credible sources.

* 6 paintings, one page for each painting a total of 7 with the front sheet.

First painting

Pablo Picasso, Family of Saltimbanques 1905

Second painting

Georges Braque, Little Harbor in Normandy 1909

Third painting

Paul Cézanne, The Large Bathers, 1906.

Fourth painting


Fifth painting


Sixth painting