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Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services

RHAB 5723: Group Leadership Proposal

Group Leader:

Purpose of the Group

Here spend a few paragraphs outlining the purpose of the group (specifically note the population and that you want to address). If working with a group of master’s students, you might consider some of their specific needs. Self-care might be useful. Now, consider specifically what students need here, it might not be that they have no clue as to what self-care means but they might have a limited perspective, they may also need to address s of motivation, and perfectionism in the workplace.

Example…”Burnout is a major concern among counseling professionals in the field. In many cases counseling professionals fail to adequately engage in self-care practices to prevent burnout. The purpose of this group is to allow participants to explore avenues for self-care (this might be relaxation strategies, engaging in activities that they find enjoyable outside of work, or structuring their day in such a way that increases efficiency)……………………


Upon completion of this group, participants will be able to……

(a) Identify self-care strategies that are useful to participants

(b) Recognize burn-out personally and professionally

(c) Recognize impairment in self and colleagues

(d) Identify resources for professional and personal support

Proposed Activity (anticipated time, 10 ):

The group leader will bring paper, pens, pencils and markers. Participants will be asked to draw a vertical line down the center of their paper. On the left side they will be asked to list or draw signs of stress (forgetfulness, sleeplessness, changes in appetite, fatigue) and on the right hand side they will be asked to list or draw actions that they can take to prevent burn-out (learning to say “no”, gain control where they can, exercise, engage in social support or counseling). Lastly, participants will share with the group what they created and have a discussion with the group about the exercise. The group will then discussion how to recognize impairment in the workplace (whether this is self or colleagues), and identify resources for professional and personal support.

Process Questions (anticipated time, 15 ):

(1) What was this activity like for you?

(2) What has kept you from engaging in self-care?

(3) What changes do you need to make in order for you to lead a balanced life-style?

(4) How might you confront a colleague that is demonstrating impairment in the workplace?