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Government 2306

Eastfield – Work 1Texas Govt. 2306

A. Fill in the blanks for five question below (2 pts. each total 10 pts.)

· Urbanization

· Plural Executive

· Regressive Tax

· Interest Group

· Dual Federalism

1.__________________ seeks to influence legislature to support a law or policy they favor.

2. A tax that that imposes a disproportionately heavier burden on lower income people than more affluent people like a sales tax is a ______________________.

3. The changing demographic where a previously rural society or area gains more population in a city area is known as _______________________.

4. _____________________ is where power governance is share equally between the Federal and State governments equally.

5. ____________________ is the sharing of power to administer Texas Government between the Governor and other independently elected Agency Heads, ie. Attorney General, Lt. Governor, Land Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, etc.

B. Complete 10 of the words below in short answer definitions of one to two sentences ( 3 points each for total of 30 points)

1. Constitution

2. Confederacy

3. Supremacy Clause

4. Republic

Govt. 2306 – Work 2 p. 2

5. Voting Rights Act

6. Suffrage

7.Primary Election

8. Political Party

9. Jim Crow Laws

10. Redistricting

C. Complete the following two essays listed below in one to three pages each for 30 points each essay:

1. Describe the various Texas Constitutions and why they were required?

2. In light of the recent elections explain the importance of civic engagement and how Texas voting patterns have changed and why it is important to be involved in community politics and give examples of what you expect from your political leaders in supporting important policies you desire to be implemented in Texas and why?