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Federal Objective 11

 I need you to read the PowerPoint and answer the questions no plagiarism.

1. Identify the Constitutional qualifications to run for President.

2. Describe the current plan for presidential succession, including the 25th Amendment.  


3. Define the powers of the president, such as Commander-in-Chief, Chief Diplomat, Chief Executive, Chief of State, and Chief Legislator.

4. Describe executive privilege and its limitations, including U.S. v. Nixon.

5. Explain the process of impeachment..

6. Differentiate an executive order from an executive agreement, and a treaty.

7. Define a signing statement.

8. Define the War Powers Act .

9. Identify the structure of the executive branch bureaucracy, such as the Cabinet (Executive Departments), White House Office (WHO), and the Executive Office of the President (EOP).

10. Define the role of the Vice President.

11. Explain the methods the president may use to “go public”.

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