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Explain how human behavior is conditioned based on cultural influences.

Explain how human behavior is conditioned based on cultural influences.

you must write a minimum one page essay discussing cultural influences on development.

Specifically, Explain how human behavior is conditioned based on cultural influences. List three ways that culture affects someone’s behavior and explain why those aspects affect the way a person acts. In your discussion, (1) list the culture(s) you are exploring, (2a) list the traits (characteristics) and how that trait affects behavior (2b)why those particular traits are important or relevant to that culture, and (3) finally, explain how/why you identify with or how you differ from the behavioral traits demonstrated in the culture you examined.

• For instance, here is a hypnotical assertion: (2a) In the African American culture, women tend to be aggressive. (This is an identified trait associated with that culture,) sohow does that trait affect their behavior and why?Therefore, (2b) African American women tend to be dominate leaders in intimate relationships. (This is one way how the aggressive trait affects their behavior/actions) The next part would be for you to explain WHY. (2b) According to the journal Blacks Today, Black matriarchs have been forced to be the leaders in single family homes because of the increased number of Black men being incarcerated, killed, or just absent in the household. As a result, in times of crisis/conflict, Black women have been taught for generations to stand up for themselves and be self-sufficient (96).
(3) I can identify with this trait to a certain degree. I am an African American woman, but since I did not grow up with an absentee male figure in my household, I cannot attest to the listed reasons as to why Black women are aggressive. In my experience, Black women are aggressive primarily due to the inequities of women and the prejudices of genderin general. The combination of these two injustices is what sparks my aggression in relationships.

You may not use any part or in any way my provided example in your paper.

Your first paragraph should list the culture you are exploring and why (introduction).

Your essay should have at least three different paragraphs which address the three parts of the discussion question. Therefore, you should have a minimum of four paragraphs for your essay.

You must use at least one outside source from the Alabama Virtual Library only ( No websites, blogs, or Wiki pages) to substantiate your assertions of the behavioral traits that are affected by culture. Therefore, you must include a bibliography page using APA sixth edition. Be mindful of grammar and logic. Upload your essay and bibliography page via an attachment through your Unit 5 written assignment.