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Every Organization Is At The Mercy Of External Factors That Might Damage Its Reputation. Scandals And Unexpected Events Can Easily Jeopardize The Future Of An Organization. Since, All Students In This Class Will Eventually Work For An Organization Upon Gr


Proposed method and benefits 

Every organization is at the mercy of external factors that might damage its reputation. Scandals and unexpected events can easily jeopardize the future of an organization. Since, all students in this class will eventually work for an organization upon graduation it is important to familiarize ourselves with crisis communication. This might be what saves your future employment. 

Our research will focus on three main components to ensure everyone is fully equipped to deal with a business crisis communication. It will explain the choice of words to make, the stand a company should take, and how to effectively convey its stand.

Demonstrate crisis management. 

In this section, we will look at some monitoring tools you can use to allow the business to adapt to the developing crisis. Properly adapting your holding statements to the specifics of the situation and making sure you are conveying the appropriate answer to your stakeholders. We will elaborate with an example of companies who have had both good and bad business crisis communication practices in the past. More specifically, we will look at Joe Fresh in 2013 with the collapse of a factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a good example and we will look at the Volkswagen emission scandal in 2015 for a bad example.

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