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Does the paper provide sufficient evidence for its hypothesis or claim?

I need the answer by Saturday please Your instructor will assign and send you a peer’s paper from the Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity: First Draft assignment. Your job is to critically read the assignment and make corrections/comments using Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Assess the paper on the following content: Does the paper provide sufficient evidence for its hypothesis or claim? Does the flow of the paper and sentence structure make sense? Should it be organized in a different way? Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. This is from my professor you have Chika’s paper. Kindly review and submit the item in the dropbox as you would with any assignment. For any clarification please contact me in the Individual Forum. Kindly use the Microsoft Word>Review tab > Track Changes, to enter recommended corrections and comments on the right side of the assignment, just as I reviewed your paper. Do remember to save the assignment once you have entered your comments. You are not required to rewrite the essay or remove anything that was written on it. If necessary, please feel free to discuss the process in Questions to instructor forum so that I can provide feedback. . I am looking for whether or not you see if your peer has addressed the required points and used proper APA formatting as well or has any other errors (grammatical or spelling) that should be addressed. I am also expecting you to provide insights in the form of commendations and recommendations that will help him or her improve their writing. The purpose of a peer review is to see how your peer addressed the questions and to give you additional insights that can even help you in the improvement of your personal paper. Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Chika Ukaji Garfield Browne Spirituality in Health Care Grand Canyon University September 11, 2016 The fundamental beliefs of important Christianity and a lot of the limited dangerous views acknowledged by few Christians are not communicated by Buddhist. The creation of unique age in the garden of Eden and a sequential tumble of humankind. The form of transgression participated by each current human race imitated from Adam and Eve. A universal overwhelming flow during Noahs age, responsible for the utmost human race extermination in ancient times. The obligation for a righteous peculiar redeemer that his slaying entitled human begin redemption by penance. A divine being redeemer whose birth was born of a vestal virgin, crucified, enthroned and rose to heaven. Christian normal belief redemption won by doing good works or being honesty, ask for forgiveness of sin and believing Jesus as Lord and redeemer, or sacraments such as baptism and holy communion. Majority of Christian trust in the spirit, soul of an individual that exist, that change not after decease for all time without end. Buddhists believe not in such faith. Christians believe in reappearance of Christ to the world any time. The end of the world, future war of Armageddon and annihilation of more than two billion individuals that will besieged due to their religious faiths. The trust that Christianity will endure eternity. Majority of Christians presume that Christians will numerically enlarge effectively the whole world is of Christian faith. Various Buddhists trust in Miroku, the forthcoming Buddha Buddhists imagine that Buddhism finally will die away from the world. This view is adaptable as well as their tenet that each religion, entity, etc. are transient. Though, they assume in the future at certain period, a different individual will succeed Buddhahood the government of complete aggrandizement and desire to reconstruct a religion identical to Buddhism. Practically all creed educate that individuals nature persists after passing. Most religious professors admit that this view as the main purpose that initially inspired populace to form regions. But, Christianity and Buddhism perceive of living after departure in other formations. Buddhism educates that people are imprisoned in continual period of accouch, life, passing and reincarnation. Every consecutive reincarnation could be more improved or lowest life or same living subject to the individuals karma. Individuals aim is to vanish from this period and approach Nirvana, as soon as this is achieved the spirit live through full liberty, deliverance, freedom from attachment to worldly things. Travail terminates due to desire and passion that are the grounds of anguish are no longer existing Christianity has a teaching information that each person has only but one single life to live on the planet. After passing individuals faiths or engagements are examined in the end judgement. Eternal living is being prepared for every individual according to the judgement, either in Heaven or Hell. Anguish or pain does not exist in Heaven, only happiness. Travail is everlasting there will be no ending for the citizens of hell. Among other primary world religions including Christianity and Buddhism experience a vital regulation of attitude that preside over how people treat each other. Citations from Buddhist versions state that is not pleasant or agreeable to me, whence could I that on someone else]. ?” Samyutta NIkaya v. 353. “Harm not another in behaviors that you should distinguish wounding yourself ” Udana-Varga 5:18. This is very much as the Christianity’s guideline, seen in Therefore all conditions of any kind ye should that mankind ought to do to you, perform ye same to them. Mathew 7:12. Both Buddha, and the Hebrew and Christ Bible instructions emphases morality, justice, and love. Majority of Buddhist traditions and Christianity experience certain views. Buddhism was not teaching the presence of supreme, inborn or other types of God, Gods, Goddess and Goddesses, But, load of Buddhist mostly in Japan where frequently fused by the Shinto religion trust in a pantheon of paranormal beings. Some folks among Buddhism trust in the influence of prayer, while some others believe not inborn (Deity). Common religions and beliefs about healing such as prayer, meditation belief etc, It is obvious that people around the world pray for health and for release of signs during the period of sickness. Healing by prayer, healing by religious ceremonials, healing at areas of crusade, healing by ways of meditation and healing by associated methods of interferences are healthy organized habits in majority of religions. Truthful meditation enables people to arrive or come into an affair and “to abide ” with those sides of our personality that lie ahead of us, inside as well as beyond ourselves. Having this in mind, people connects to higher power that helps them flourish and a develop their beliefs in continually sequential destine. Important values to patients of the faiths when cared for: It is vital to understand that people come to hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities to pursue treatment for their ill health. In providing this treatment healthcare giver should be humble and be aware of the religious importance in clients lifestyle. Health care provider should be compassionate and empathetic with their patients. Care givers should be absolutely available as well as being thoughtful to their clients as well as being helpful to the patient and their families in all areas of their anguish: environmentally, passionately, and religiously. Paying attention to patients worries, wishes, hurts and visions Healthcare givers should pay much attention to the patient when spiritual matters are being deliberating, the healthcare provider hear out and encourage the patient but not to influence or direct Questions: 1: God is prime reality 2: Nature in fact, the actual entity that form Us humankind. However, nature is by no means just exterior substance. It is an entity over and above, that touches truly the foundation of our origin. We are created
by God 3: Human beings, creatures of the highest God. The only living thing formed in the image of God. God give authority to human being over all other creation. 4: The flesh returns to the earth (dust) and spirit, soul returns to maker. The flesh rotes while the spirit soul lives forever either in hell or heaven after the final judgement. 5: We can know something because we are created in the form of God, we have spirit and soul, brain. God impacted his understanding in human being and he reveals to us through his spirit in us. 6: Because we have conscience and God instructed us not to do evil, thou shall not kill. The ten commandments are the Christians guideline of knowing right from wrong. 7: God formed humankind for his glory and to delight in him without end. However, this communion was ruined nearly right away, As Adam and Eve misbehaved. This insubordination developed in carnal and heavenly death and afflicted the earth. The LORD repented that he had formed humankinds on the planet, and his spirit was profoundly disturbed (Genesis 6:6). MY spiritual philosophy of healing is that I am very, very spiritual. I believe in supernatural healing and miracle of God almighty. I am a prayerful person. I depend on God for everything when I dont feel well I dont rush to hospital or medication; I go to God in prayer, I have not been to hospital before in my life of forty something years, expect in 1990 I had appendix removed and child bearing hospital stay. I have health insurance; I go to yearly physical exam. But I summit myself, my household members, friends, neighbors, and family, my patients and church members to God every day. I even pray for the entire world most of the time. The good LORD is been faithful to me and my family we dont have any ill health issues. But if any arises am going to God immediately, I will pray and reminded God about his promises to me, and I remind the problem whatever it may be that I am a Child of God Almighty, my body does not belong to you rather my body is the temple of the Lord, the spirit of God dwells in my body no sickness or pain is allowed on this temple before you know it am fine. Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you (1 Corinthians 6:3)? For instance, I had flu shot last October I nearly lose my left hand I was having excruciating pain and numbness on my left hand after I received the flu shot, sometimes the pain will radiate to my upper shoulder and back to the point I contemplated going to hospital several times but my spirit would not let me go. I kept praying from October to May until one day I realized that I dont feel pain anymore. That was the healing touch of God. My children and husband believe in Gods healing power too. To be honest am a nurse but am afraid of medicine and hospital. I know that individual faiths and beliefs varies. As of my practice I pray for my patients always, before going to work I commit myself, co-workers and the patient in hand of God. I invite God, the holy spirit to come go with me, guide me, order my steps and help me to serve my patient to my best knowledge and mostly of all before I do anything I try to ask myself if is God how would he do it, would he do it the way am doing it. At the end of the day or shift I thank God for his grace, empowerment and protection. God is real, and he works for me. And am very grateful to him. References: http://www.religioustolerance.org/buddhism4.htl http://www.unification.net http://biblehub.com https://www.gcu.edu/…/christian-identity-and-heritage.php https://www.coursehero.com/tutors-problems/Writing https://cirt.gcu.edu/blogs/thoughts-on-teaching/understanding_integration_of_faith_and_learning_in_the_academic_clas Cosgrove, M. P. (2006). Foundations of Christian Thought: Faith, Learning, and the Christian Worldview. Grand Rapids, MI: Kregel.