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Describe your motivation for pursuing the family nurse practitioner roleThis quote defines my career as a nurse as a mother as a friend and as a human being.

1. Describe your motivation for pursuing the family nurse practitioner roleThis quote defines my career as a nurse as a mother as a friend and as a human being. Nursing for me is not only about optimization of health prevention of illness and alleviation of suffering; it is more than this; it is a dynamic process that involves emotional connections compassion listening touch exploring teaching healing empathy respect cultural competence tolerance and acceptance. As a family nurse practitioner; I will have the opportunity to care for a variety of populations which includes different ethnicities backgrounds and ages. Further; I will have the honor to assist families in need by providing a high quality of health care but most important an exceptional holistic care that includes structural and detail physical psychological sociocultural spiritual cognitive functional developmental and economic assessments.Family Nurse Practitioner degree would enable me to grow as a professional to improve my nursing skills to implement and utilize new knowledge strategies advance communication skills and new clinical experiences that will allow me to improve healthcare outcomes. Furthermore; the NPR field has endless opportunities for all different areas of interest. For instance; one of my main professional goals is to specialize in the Pediatrics field. Particularly; I would love to work with children with cognitive and physical disabilities. During my pediatrics rotations in nursing school; I experienced the need and demand for nurses in this area. I feel like this sensible population has been forgotten. There is an urgent need to addresses their needs and access to resources treatments interventions medications and improvement of care for this community.By being a family Nurse Practitioner I will be able to advocate for this community through a holistic perspective and by applying the best available evidence and research data to diagnose disease to implement plan of care to treat illness and to improve and ease my patients quality of life.2. How your personal and professional experiences have prepared you for the family Nurse Practitioner Role.MY clinical experience during nursing school my experience working at 4 south Neurology unit and my experiences as a float nurse in the post-operative and orthopedics units have given me the insights clinical experiences and knowledge to treat patients according to my scope and standards of practice. Most important I have learned in many clinical scenarios to identify new onsets of symptoms changes in Pts status to intervene immediately to prevent any further deterioration in my Pt conditions and to have a respectful and trustful relationship with doctors and internal staff such as charge nurses colleagues rapid response nurses and nurses practitioners of the neurological team.I know Nursing is a learning process. I am always learning something new at work and I will never be able to know it all. However I have the motivation and the enthusiasm to learn new concepts new interventions new skills new knowledge; I am open to anything that can make me a better nurse; anything that can provide me the tools and resources to improve the outcomes of care. I am strongly believer that with care determination and compassion I can be able to accomplish everything I set my mind and my heart into it.3. Why Nursing at USC is the best fit for you and how the program will help you to meet your career and educational goals.Three of FNP curriculum that USC offers which help me to choose this University as the best fit for me were the following First online classes and virtual classes. Second the opportunity to meet and to interact with a diverse population of students along the program during the white coat ceremony health assessments skills checks. Also important is being able to build relationships with my classmates nationwide. Equally important is the convenience to attend to clinicals in my own community.I Choose USC because I believe this Universitys NPR program integrate the science and art of nursing by basing their teaching not only on an analytical framework of critical thinking nursing skills knowledge evidence-base and practice but it also embraces the patient as a human person not as an illness by incorporating care in a holistic approach.