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Final Key Assignment

The final step in developing the network security plan is to define how the plan that you have developed will be implemented within the organization. Implementing security controls and adding security devices can be a complex process that will affect every aspect of the organization. A detailed plan that phases in controls and new devices—and has a backup plan for any problems—will greatly increase the success rate of implementing a network security plan.

· For this assignment, you will add a detailed implementation plan of 4–5 pages, which will describe your proposed solution for the implementation of a network security plan in your organization.

· Finally, you will refine the Network Security Plan document to produce the final draft version. Updates may be based upon peer and instructor feedback.

The project deliverables are the following:

· Update the Network Security Plan with a new date.

· Update the previously completed sections based upon your peers’ and instructor’s feedback.

· Implementation Plan

· Develop a plan to implement the security controls and policies that you identified in previous sections.

· Develop a plan to implement new security devices and modify existing security devices that are required to monitor the network and the polices that were created or updated.

· Describe how these controls, policies, and security devices have addressed the key security areas of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, and nonrepudiation cryptographic services.

· Network Security Plan

· Revise the entire document and make any necessary changes and improvements.

· Ensure that the final version is sufficiently detailed to allow the organization to confidently move forward with the implementation of the security controls and devices based upon your recommendations.

· Previous instructor feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes.

· Update your table of contents before submission.