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Changing Carbon Cycle Processes

4) The residence time of carbon is the average amount of time carbon spends in the reservoir in question, but you can also think of it as a guide for the timescale over which each the carbon in each reservoir can influence CO2 in the atmosphere. Which reservoir would be most likely to be influencing CO2 in the atmosphere if you were trying to explain an atmospheric CO2 change over:

4a) 15 years

4b) 500 years

4c) 15 million years

5) Think of the region where you live, you are from, or you love to visit (this can be the same region you identified and characterized in the Week 2 Assignment). Using your knowledge of climate system interactions please describe at least 3 of these interactions. Using your knowledge of the carbon cycle also include the 3 examples of how carbon is moving within this region. Please describe these climate system interactions and carbon cycle processes in complete sentences and include a visual representation of the region (i.e., drawing, photo, google earth image) and the interactions (i.e., labeled arrows).