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Case plan and case analysis

Assessment 3: Care Plan & Case Analysis

Weight: 50%

Must Complete: Yes

Word Length: 2000 words

Task Details

The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate how you will identify and analyse the role of the RN in providing health care to the older person and identify key priorities in for their care. See the case study below and complete both parts of this paper on the given case study.

 Community care case Study:

Mr. Tom Heady is a 70-year-old Aboriginal man who is a new client of Farmdale Home Care Services. He comes from a big family, he is used to having his mobility around him. He used to be very physically active and involved in community activities. In the past month, his family have noted changes in his behaviour; last week they found him wandering down the street. He doesn’t seem to remember the incident. He doesn’t seem to remember a lot of things. Mr. Heady is most comfortable in his own home, he can get around without too much issues at his place. However, his son has become very concerned about his change in behaviour and reduced health status. He isn’t sure if his father is taking his regular medications for hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes. Mr. Heady’s son has temporarily moved Mr. Heady to his house. Since the move, Mr. Heady has become more agitated as he struggles to orientate himself and is constantly bumping into furniture resulting in skin tears. He rarely goes out to community events and spends most of the day sitting in his chair.

Part 1: Care Plan (500 words)

Using the care plan templete (see last table format) , identify ALL the actual nursing care problems ( 5-6) in the selected case study. Determine how you, as the Registered Nurse, would create a care plan appropriate for the client.


Part 2: Case Study Analysis (1,500 words)

Write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of the following in relation to the case study:

1. Identify and analyse the appropriate RN responses to key issues related to older people’s health and wellbeing (also relate to case study). (400 words)

2. Critically analyse 3 key nursing priorities (most 3 priority problems) from the care plan and cite evidence supporting importance and relevance of the chosen priorities. (500)

3. Describe and critically evaluate the role of the RN in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care for an older person (600)


HSNS370 – Assessment 3A Care Plan

Student Name & Number: _______________________

Client Name: __________________________________

Nursing Problem /

Nursing Diagnosis

Goals /

Expected Outcomes

Interventions / Assessments



Date: ________________________________________

HSNS370 Task 3 Marking Rubric: Case Study & Care Plan

Analysis of key issues

Provides and extensive analysis a number of key issues related to health and wellbeing of older people and is able to provide extensive explanations and understanding of key issues.

Incorporates methods to promote positive and successful ageing centred on key issues.

(13–15 marks)

Nursing priorities and care plan

Identifies and explains 3 nursing care priorities of the older person.

Establishes and incorporates care plan addressing identified priorities

Provides extensive justification and rationale for each priority in context to the case study.

(8–10 marks)

Evaluation of RN role

Identifies and analyses the role of the RN in relation to all aspects of care for the older person.

Provides and extensive evaluation on importance of interventions and care by the RN when providing care to the older person.

Provides thorough explanation of how RNs promotes and improves care of older person to promote positive and successful ageing.

(13–15 marks)

Use of literature

Uses a variety of literature to support discussion.

Literature used supports and enhances discussion.


Language and referencing list (15-17)

A sufficient number of references to the readings and other literature so as to demonstrate a scholarly understanding of the evidence and its relevance to the issue.

Reference page on last page with all references listed in correct APA style.

(4–5 marks)