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Baby Journal 2


Baby Journal 02

Journal 2: The Early Years

· Explain your child’s eating habits – what they like and don’t like.

· Your child is exhibiting “Just Right Phenomenon”, explain what your child’s compulsion is and why this a normal phase.

· Your child is entering early childhood education, explain what type of program they are enrolled in.

· Your child is learning something new, explain what it is and how you will help them with guided participation.      

· Describe which of the Styles of Parenting you are using to raise your child (permissive, authoritative, or authoritarian).

· Explain which method of Discipline/Punishment you are using and give an example of when you used this.

Baby Journals for semester project

You will write journal entries in the form of a diary or personal journal to tell the story of parenting a child.  Each of the journal questions must be answered and key words used correctly to obtain full credit.

 Write your journals as if you are telling a story; be creative, make sure you are using the terms correctly, and elaborate on each question.  Make sure you answer each question fully as some questions require more than one response. Journals should be at least 2 pages, typeddouble spaced using size 12 font with 1” margins.  Journals will be turned in on BLACKBOARD BY MIDNIGHT ON THE DUEDATE 
as an attached word document or pdf
. Please do not write in the space provided by blackboard. 20 points will be deducted if late. Journals Will NOT be accepted after one week from the due date. 

Journals are worth 50 points each and will receive full credit if the following criteria are met:

· 30 points: terms are used correctly in BOLD print AND each question is fully answered.

· 10 points: at least 2 pages typed using the correct font and format.

· 10 points: specific details are given, and journal is creative.