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Assignment 7


During week 2 (module 2) of the course you will submit one proposed research question that could be created from the Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the Wine Industry survey (available as a PDF in the Assignment Tab). These research questions must be created from items that are included on the survey. You will need to interpret and identify the “variable” based on available question items. For example, if a question asks respondents “How long have you been employed in your current field?” you may decide to classify this item as the variable “years of experience.”

Describe the variables you have included in your research questions and the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) used to measure the variables on the survey.

Specify which variable is being treated as the independent variable and which variable is the dependent variable in your research question.

Identify possible null and research hypotheses that could be created from the instrument and your research question.

Explain whether your research hypothesis is directional or non-directional.

This assignment should be no more than 2 pages and must include definitions of key concepts and course citations. Be sure to explain how you know what you know about statistical terminology (i.e.-How do you know your hypothesis is directional (or non-directional)? What is an independent variable? Why have you selected the level of measurement?). The assignment must be written in paragraph form using APA format.