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Duo Writing Samples

Source – https://duo.com/docs

Customer Response 1

A potential customer is running a free 30-day trial for Duo Beyond. During this important trial phase, our support team works hard to address any questions we can help answer to ensure an amazing customer experience. Our skilled support team sets us apart from many of our competitors. The customer wants to understand the differences in our pricing models.

Specifically, they have indicated an interest in the Trusted Endpoints functionality.

Please draft an email response to the trial customer question helping them understand the different Duo editions and outlining the benefits of Duo Beyond’s Trusted Endpoints feature set.

Duo Beyond’s Trusted Endpoints feature set

Customer Response 2

A new Duo customer has indicated that they are concerned about user duplication within Duo’s user records. The customer’s users log in to one application using the format “johnsmith@domain.com” and another application using the format “johnsmith”. These two usernames represent the same user. The customer is concerned that they’re going to have to pay for twice as many licenses to accommodate these “duplicate” users in Duo.

Please draft an email response to the customer outlining how our Username Normalization feature can solve this issue and when and how to enable it for applications.

Internal Update

There are three weeks remaining in the quarter and your department’s vice president has requested an update on an important project you are managing. Your goal for the quarter was to help develop and implement a system to track the total number of support hours and cost required for each customer, and display this information in an easily referenced dashboard.

You are working with three other departments on this project, and a great deal of planning and engineering has been required, with many technical hurdles successfully navigated. The backend of the tracking system has been developed, but there are some concerns that the tool might not be fully implemented for easy viewing by the end of the quarter. You have not begun developing training or reference materials for the new tool.

Draft a project update email to the VP.

Knowledge Base Article Exercise

You have been asked to review the following article about Duo’s Device Health Application before it can be published for public access. Feel free to mark up, leave comments, and/or rewrite the content to create a version you think would be appropriate for publishing on our external Knowledge Base.


What are the policy options for Duo’s Device Health Application?

There are three options for policys in the Device Health app: “Don’t Requrie users to have the app”, ‘Require user to have the app only’, “Require users to have the app and any blocking options”

The first one is that the policy is not in effect and has no impact on end user access. When “Require user to have the app only” option is selected, but none of the Block Access options are selected, having the Device Health application installed and reporting information to Duo is required for access. The last one means that the Device Status application must be installed and reporting information to Duo and the device must satisfy the specified health requirements for access.

NOTE: and you can use Duo Operating Systems policy to make other devices types not able to access