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Week 5 6995 final


MSIS Program Reflection






MSIS Program Reflection

Applying for the MSIS program was without a doubt a bad experience since I had to be prepared to handle the rough experience for many reasons. I had to move away from my home for the first time in twenty-five years to start a new job in the city. I had to handle the rigorous course load that awaits than I previously used to be. Therefore, I had to prepare for a new experience while facing the new challenges presented by my new lifestyle. I had to be well prepared to handle instances of downturns and at the same time stand strong and finish my course objectives.

Having completed my bachelor’s degree five years ago, I got a clear picture of what I wanted to do once I grow up. I had to keep watch over my colleagues get an employment in one of the worst job markets, especially during a recession brought about by the pandemic. With time I started realizing elements of corporate leadership that prevented me from pursuing a career path that would give me what I wanted n life. Until then I realized what I could have done instead and started my career in MSIS program.

As an MSIS, I am able to pursue goals that helped me achieve my long-term career goals in data analytics, information security, application development, and in information management technology. At the end of the MSIS program I would be expected to perform various activities, which include effective development of computer programs, development of data models, and administration and analysis of data in relation to9 database based on SQL commands. I will also be able to develop effective strategies and information assurance to ensure there is adequate data security to prevent crimes, espionage, and conflict (Shah, Kumar & Smart, 2018). By the end of the program, I would be able to effectively provide sound recommendations in regard to information challenges and opportunities.

However, there was more that stood in between me and the imagined future. Having imaginations of ever going back to school. I k new I had the ability to work although I did not have even the basic credentials in education that would help be get a decent job. However, I have been a problem solver and I know that I have the ability to see things in a different way by seeing smallest details and how they fit into the bigger picture. Given the fact that I had never taken a course in information systems, operations, or even leadership. I also have to work full time in order to support myself and I need to make a sacrifice in order to achieve my educational goals. Reflecting on my academic goals and imagining of getting back to school is like scaling without a rope, but in reality, that is the only way I can make progress. Achieving my MSIS degree would help me jump start my life, which appeared to making little progress, which was unsatisfactory for me.

Having worked as a sales agent I have learned there are various problems that I could have solved on my own. However, having learned about MSIS program, I new all business data handling challenges have been addressed. MSIS program provides advanced managerial and technical skills that requires meeting the demands for informational technology professionals in different sectors of business and also at the global level. MSIS provides basis for building a digital economy, which is reliant on IT professionals for guiding corporate technology investments more so focusing on management and protection of information assets while harvesting big data. Having joined MSIS program has provided guarantee that I would acquire skills that would promote professional competence by being innovative, agile, and more proactive to changes that would require implementation of IT skills into business practice. I am confident that enrolling for a MSIS program I will be equipped with skills that are necessary to being successful in the changing business environment.

MSIS program is without doubt a game changer in implementing business operations due to efficiencies it brings along in data management and security. Completion of the program will be preparing my skills for becoming professionals in various fields including leadership, evaluation, and administration of information systems. The most important aspect in regard to carrying out business operations is by gaining expertise in analysis, organization, representation and retrieval of information by emphasizing on development of information systems and procedures aimed at meeting future business needs

Being an MSIS program is quite exciting career in various aspects of business and corporations, and different agencies that have an interest in data security and management. I am so excited because I am sure that once I finish this course, I will have better academic abilities that I will use I n system analysis and designs, database administration, information retrieval and data mining, data management systems, emerging instructional technologies, user interface designs, and emerging issues in technology.

With the information technology industry being one of the fastest changing, it is important to possess skills that would help fast track these changes to ensure businesses are oriented to the future. Information industry is availing more opportunities and thus it is important that everyone align their skills in order to suit current business needs. Despite the feeling that the world is tearing apart at some point, the many benefits that lay ahead assures me that one day I will sit down and account for everything that was once in my plate.


Shah, V., Kumar, A., & Smart, K. (2018). Moving forward by looking backward: Embracing pedagogical principles to develop an innovative MSIS program. Journal of Information Systems Education29(3), 139-156.

Week 5 6995 final



Cover Letter and Resume Writing

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Cover Letter and Resume Writing

The first resource that I found useful while writing my resume is titled 10 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job by indeed editorial team. It is an effective resource since it offers up to date information. The article was published in the year 2021, which makes it more likely to offer the requisites for hirers, thereby making one viable in job search. Indeed.com is also a platform whereby most professional job seekers post their resumes. In this case, the article was written by the editorial team thereby most likely to offer valid and credible information as far as resume writing is concerned.

The second source is 10 Resume Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job by Indeed .com too. The source is credible and current thereby providing the requirements, which most employers might be requiring from ones resume. The source is also from a credible source as far as professional job applications are concerned.

The third source is based on writing the best cover letter. The source is titled 7 Key Elements of a Successful Cover Letter by the editorial team from Indeed.com. The resource is credible and valid as far as the provision of the requisites for a cover letter is concerned. the resource emphasizes on the most significant elements in the writing of a cover letter.

The fourth resource is titled by Sample Cover Letter for a Job Application which offers a sample cover letter and what one should inclue in the cocer letter. The author of the article is also a credible career counsellor thereby providing some of the requisites in the cover letters that job seekers should include. The final source is Top Cover Letter Examples in 2022 which offers some of the best and current cover letters. The resources is also from a credible source, which validates the information. The source critical guidelines in the writing process.


Doyle, A. (2021). Sample Cover Letter for a Job Application


Indeed Editorial Team (2021 ). 7 Key Elements of a Successful Cover Letter

Indeed Editorial Team (2021 ). 10 Resume Writing Tips To Help You Land a Job https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/resumes-cover-letters/10-resume-writing-tips

 Indeed Editorial Team (2021). 10 Resume Writing Tips To Help You Land a Job


LiveCareer, (2022). Top Cover Letter Examples in 2022


Week 5 6995 Final

  1. Develop a website version of the portfolio that includes all the final project components from Weeks 1–4. (1) The website should be supported by a design strategy to achieve your goal of showcasing your accomplishments, (2) its content should be readable, (3) its style should complement the content you are trying to showcase, and (4) it should be usable where it is easy to locate information. It is left up to you to select the website design tool.
  2. Prepare a short recording to highlight the important elements of your portfolio using the Snagit tool. Using TechSmith Snagit free trial version (https://www.techsmith.com/screen-capture.html), a tool for preparing screencasts, prepare a 5-minute clip to present all key elements of your showcase portfolio. Your clip should include a visual recording of your screen and your voice commenting on your screen. Once your clip is ready, add the link to your clip into this assignment’s report. Use the subtitle: Screencast Link.
  3. Develop your showcase portfolio as one document that includes all the elements from Weeks 1–5. The developed document should be in PDF format.