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Week 3 org

Part A-250 words

Go to the MACU Chapel Link and scroll through the archives. Find a
Chapel Session (other than ones that we have already viewed in class)
that relates to this week’s assigned reading or scripture. In the
discussion board, post the date of the Chapel and tell how it relates to
the assigned reading or scripture.

Part B 250 words-

After viewing the video, Jeremie Kubicek–The Five Gears of
Connectivity–Part 2 of 3, describe a time either professionally or
personally when you really connected with someone in a
meaningful way and how that experience made you feel.

Part c-Communication Skills & Strategies

Go to the Humanmetrics Communication website and read the
“Communication Strategy for Different Types of People”. Click on
your personality type that you discovered in week 1 displayed in
the boxes on the right. Then, click on the “Communication Skills”
link on the top box on the right of the page. Read about the
communication skills for your personality type then write a paper of
300-500 words following following APA guidelines in which you

1. Your personality’s communication skills.
2. Strategies for successful communication for your personality

3. What helps and hinders communication for your personality


Part D-

Communication Skills of Significant Person

Choose a significant person in your life or career who it is
important that you communicate with successfully. Go to the link
below and determine their personality type:


Using the link in this week’s Assignment 1, go to the
communication skills for this individual. Write a paper describing
their communication skills and how this knowledge might affect the
way you communicate with this individual. This paper should be
paper should be 250-400 words in length.