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Part A- Scholarly Commentaries on Matthew 6:33
After reading this week’s scripture, go to Bible Apps
Commentarieshttps://bibleapps.com/commentaries/matthew/6-33.htm and choose three of the
commentaries/notes and read the comments on this scripture verse. On the discussion board,
tell which three commentaries/notes you read and if/how these scholarly comments added to
your understanding of this verse

Part B – Jeremie Kubicek Nov. 11, 2015
One of the authors of 5 Gears, Jeremie Kubicek, spoke in MACU’s chapel. After listening to
Jeremie Kubicek’s message, describe what he said in his message that you think reflected the
truths from this week’s scripture verse and why you believe his words are a reflection of the

Part C –

5 Gears

After viewing the Jeremie Kubicek
and reading this week’s assignment in 5 Gears, write your responses to the following in a
300-500 word paper. Follow APA guidelines when writing your paper, being certain to cite any
additional resources you may choose to use.
List and describe the 5 Gears.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JYpQZ16GNLU Explain how you
feel you are personally doing at mastering the art of driving a five-speed and shifting the stick
shift with ease and grace.
Describe the areas that you feel you intuitively shift up and down into the right gear.
Describe the areas that you feel you need more practice and intentionality in matching the gear
to the situation.

Part D – Month’s Plan for 5th Gear

After reading Chapter 4 in 5 Gears, write out a potential personal plan for 5th Gear for one
month. Describe the goals for the month on which you must be “fully focused and moving
quickly” to accomplish. Describe how you plan to go in and out of 5th Gear and how you plan to
spread out those 5th Gear goals over the month. Remember that 5th Gear should not be your
mode of operation for the entire month, but necessary rigor and speed to accomplish certain

Write a 300-500 word paper following APA guidelines.