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Type short report about Fermentation and Photosynthesis. Only intro + Procedure

Type a report using this guide below. Refer the 2 pdf files provided some answers if needed or google it. Times new roman, 12 font size, and single space, 4-5pages


[Refer to the uploaded file named ‘INTORUCTION’.pdf’ for resource]

· Paragraph 1:

· Define each and describe the function and purpose of each in the cell.

· Give the reactants and products of each metabolic process.

· Talk about yeast and sugars.

· Talk about chloroplasts, pigments, and wavelengths of light used by plants.

· Paragraph 2:
. Tell how the fermentation, carbon dioxide uptake, and pape chromatography experiments work. Tell what the tests show you.

· Tell what happens when you feed yeast different sugars. Tell how you know the type of sugar that is best fermented by yeast.

· Talk about phenol red. Tell what it is and what it indicates about carbon dioxide.

· what happens and why it happens when you blow your breath into phenol red solution.

· Tell what plants take up from the atmosphere to make glucose and how you would know if a plant was doing that very thing with regards to phenol red solution.

· Describe what a chromatogram is.

· Tell what characteristics cause a pigment to move far or not so far on a chromatogram.

· Tell what an Rf number is and what its calculation tells you about a pigment.

· Paragraph 3: Controls

· a. Explain what a control is.

· b. Explain what controls are used in the three experiments.

· c. Explain what the controls are supposed to show you in the three experiments.

· Paragraph 4:
/Purposes of the experiments.

· a. Explain what each of the three experiments was designed to test.

· b. Remember to use past tense.

· Paragraph 5:
Three Hypotheses
and tell why you predicted these particular outcomes.

· a. Tell what you thought/predicted would happen and why.

· b. You may use If…then’ statements.

· c. You may use a null hypothesis or an alternate hypothesis.


[Refer to the uploaded file named ‘PROCDUERE.pdf’ for resource]

Note: No need to give results or solving the experiment tables in the pdf file, you just writing the procedure, please don’t copy-paste or use bullet point]

· Paragraph 1: Fermentation procedure

· Paragraph 2: Carbon dioxide uptake procedure

· Paragraph 3: Paper chromatography procedure

Only tell the reader what you did for set up and why.

Do not describe what happened.

Do not give results.

Do not discuss conclusions.

Type short report about Fermentation and Photosynthesis. Only intro + Procedure

See Guide file for instructions 

and refer to the pdf files for resources


IMPORTANT NOTE: The report has to be written in THIRD PERSON, PAST TENSE (e.g: 20 gram of water was added)