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Define the business strategies of given companies in the list.

Given a list of prominent firms. 
Place each firm from the list in one of the five categories of generic business-level strategies (make online research if you need):

1. broad cost-leadership,

2. focused cost-leadership,

3. broad differentiation,

4. focused differentiation, and

5. integration.

You do not need to explain your decisions in the report.
But be ready to explain your choices


4 pages 4 references check the attachment

 Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Mountain Valley in the module’s readings, along with other o supplement these with Marketline and/or other financial and/or industry reports. 

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 4 pages , minimum 5 references, APA6

the text relates to selection, implementation, evaluation, and management of Health Care Information Systems.

You have been hired as an administrator/manager of a brand-new facility/organization.  The first task you have been assigned is to develop a plan for selection, implementation, evaluation and management of the Health Care Information System for the organization.  For this , dis, you plan for the selection, implementation, evaluation, and management of your system you will select for the organization.  Be sure to provide support (research).

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