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Project Implementation and Closure Plan – Rough comments


Project Measurable Organizational Value (MOV)

The Pilot Angels’ Project will be a success if the Tiger Team consulting firm can increase Husky Air’s profit by 10 % over the next 12 months with the new information system (IS).

Conversion Strategy

The Tiger Team consulting firm has decided to implement the new system using a direct cutover strategy. The system implementation target date will be June 24th, 2022, which means employees will no longer use file folders to keep track of the pool of pilot volunteers after this date. The new computer-based Pilot Angels system will be put in use after extensive testing has been performed.

Closure Checklist

The Tiger Team believes that the project will be completed as planned and achieves its objectives. The team developed a checklist to ensure that the Pilot Angels project’s objectives have been met and the project is ready to be closed. The project closure checklist consists of the following:

1. Formal hand-off to Husky Air

2. Close project documents, accounts, and contracts

3. Feedback from project members

Project Evaluation (including how MOV will be evaluated)

The evaluation for the Pilot Angels projects details what went well during the project and what did not go well. Below is the project evaluation process for the Pilot Angels project:

1. Based on the project charter established, all project members needed to remain engaged and punctual throughout the project. The project manager feels that team member A needs to improve on his communication based on a few failed attempts to get a hold of him.

2. In evaluating the information system to determine if the project achieved its MOV, the benefits of the implemented system can already be demonstrated.


Marchewka, J. T. (2016). Information technology project management: Providing measurable organizational value. John Wiley & Sons.

Project Implementation and Closure Plan – Rough comments

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 Q2-Submit a rough draft of your project implementation and closure plan to the Main Forum to receive feedback from peers. Read the documents posted by at least two of your peers and provide them with specific feedback on their project implementation and closure plan. Provide suggestions for improvement or additional aspects that should be considered in the project scope, cost, and schedule. When providing feedback, try to select peers that have not already received feedback from more than two students.