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Assignment Description:

Peplau and Orem

Create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses each of the following points/questions.

Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point.

Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation.

Support your content with at least three (3) outside sources and the textbook using APA citations throughout your presentation.

Make sure to cite the sources using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.

This week you will create a two-part PowerPoint to discuss the following:

· Part one: Peplau was the first nursing theorist to identify the nurse–patient relationship as being central to all nursing care. Peplau valued knowledge, believing that the nurse must possess extensive knowledge about the potential problems that emerge during a nurse–patient interaction. Peplau’s theoretical work on the nurse–patient relationship continues to be essential to nursing practice.

Describe the phases of the Nurse-Patient relationship as defined by Peplau.  Align your presentation regarding the use of Peplau’s theory with a current nursing practice example.

· Part two: Provide a discussion of Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory.  Identify and explain the three related parts? Identify a current nursing practice example where Orem’s theory would be relevant. Use at least one evidenced-based research article to support your practice example.


Title of This Presentation

Student’s Name

Aspen University

Course name or number

Denys Goozee, DNP, MSN, RN, CRRN

Date of submission


Outline what this presentation will discuss.

Use a few words from each question for each bullet point on this slide, to be very clear that each question will be answered.

Then provide matching headings throughout the presentation.

Each question must be answered in the order asked.

Be sure to add color and photos for an attractive and clear presentation! Add at least 5 DIFFERENT photos on 5 different slides to make your presentation visually appealing. Review rubric and the APA power point webinar. Many great photos are just a click away! Go to the Insert tab, Pictures, Stock images or Online photos, then copy/paste. It is that simple!

Heading to Match the First Question

Review my power point news document and Aspen power point webinar.

Each statement must be bulleted and a full sentence.

Include up to 8-9 bulleted statements per slide.

Be sure the font color shows up against the background color.

Always avoid quotes and paraphrase all content.

Provide citations in the right lower corner of each slide.

Citations strengthen any assignment.

Full parentheses are required for Power Point citations.

(Author or Organization name, year);

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2021);

(Johnson, 2019)

Heading to Match the Second Question

Do not include the case study.

Please avoid paragraphs.

Do not write a paper in a Power Point.

Be sure a matching heading is across the top of each slide.

Speaker Notes are Not required.

If I can see a Title slide, an Objectives slide, and citations starting on slide 3, then I know you are off to a great start!

I am looking for citations on Most to Every slide!

References are required on the Reference slide.

(Author last name, year);

(Organization name, year)

Heading to Match the Next Question

This presentation is just an example.

Please be sure to meet minimum slide count and review course instructions carefully.

Feel free to be creative but be sure to keep all font the same throughout the presentation.

Times New Roman is recommended and please do not italicize. Font size will vary. Keep in mind visual clarity for an audience (font size #19 works fine here). Let me know if you have any questions.

(Author last name, year);

(Organization name, year)


Hanging format is not required in power points because this platform often does not support that format.

Be sure that all references provided have a matching citation, and vice versa.

Please review the APA 7th edition manual or apastyle.org.

A title always follows the year in references. Examples:

Author last name, first initial. (year). Title. Publisher, doi, or URL.

Organization name. (year). Title. Publisher, doi, or URL.

Let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help!

Dr. Goozee


Power Point Reminders

Is your Power Point Assignment ready for submission? Read this before submitting and please see the Power Point Example.

· At first glance: I am looking for a Title slide with full content; “Objectives” slide #2 outlining what the presentation will cover; up to 8-9 bulleted statements per slide to fully address each question; First citation on slide 3; CITATIONS on most to ALL slides (in the Right Lower Corner of each slide!) to show research was done and avoid plagiarism; minimum slide count is met; address each question with matching headings; correctly done reference page. Color and photos (5 minimum on 5 different slides).


· Minimum slide count does not include these 3 slides: Title slide, Objectives slide, and Reference slide.


· Title slide with full content: Title, your name, Aspen University, course name or number, professor’s name and credentials, and date (just like the essay title page).


· Objectives slide as the 2nd slide. The heading “Objectives” is required. This should include a bulleted outline. Outline the main points of the presentation in the order asked; highlight EACH main question (with just a few of the same words) to be answered and then include matching headings throughout the presentation. This slide is a significant APA requirement: (This is similar to an introduction as it outlines what will be discussed in the entire presentation).


· Be sure to add a variety of colors and colorful photos related to the content for an attractive and clear presentation! Add at least 5 DIFFERENT photos or images on at least 5 different slides to make your presentation visually appealing. Photos/ images make a Power Point visually stimulating to the viewer and draws them in to disseminate information. Review my news announcements, the rubric and the APA power point webinar.


· All content must be bulleted in power point presentations. Be sure to include up to 8-9 bullet points on a slide. Show Full content with a Full statement for each bullet point. One sentence each. Avoid paragraphs.


· Do not write a paper in the Power Point – Easy to skim bullet points is the main focus. Up to 8-9 bullet points per slide to fully address each answer.

· Do Not include the case study in any assignment at any time as this content is known; is repetitive; does not count toward slide count or word count; and can raise the Turnitin score.

Speaker Notes are NOT required and Not recommended in my courses.
 I find that students fall into the trap of “writing a paper” when using these. Please use simple and concise statements (Bullet Point each statement) to provide full content. I should be able to skim a Power Point to see full content and a citation on every slide to give credit to borrowed content and show that research was done which strengthens any assignment.


Citations must be posted in the lower right corner of each slide as: (Author last name, year).  Yes, parentheses are always required every time in power point citations! I am looking for a citation on most to ALL slides. I am looking for the first citation on slide 3 (after Title slide and Objective slide). Most slides have borrowed content and must be cited. I am looking for a citation on most to ALL slides. Remember that a citation shows that research was done and that strengthens any assignment! I am not picky about text boxes, but the citation does need to be in the lower right corner of each slide.

· There are exceptions for citations in the lower right corner:

1. Quotes should be avoided at all times! Paraphrase all content into your own words! Please note that if a very short quote is included: cite a quote like you would in a paper, directly at the quotation.

2. NO Speaker Notes in my courses! If you chose to add additional content in a Speaker Note and this content requires a citation, then add the citation within that sentence.

3. If you are using more than one source to build a slide, then differentiate with each citation at the correct message.

· Quotes and paragraphs are completely avoided for Power Points. One very short quote is fine but must then be correctly cited. Keep all content to concise bulleted statements (about 8-9 per slide is best).


· Turnitin score must be under 20 % in all assignments but I will accept 25% in a power point. Paraphrase as you go along to create the Power Point. Run the Turnitin report after each submission and paraphrase all content and resubmit as needed. There is no limit on submissions to lower the Turnitin score. Please be on time!


Pictures that are used as art in power point presentations do NOT need to be cited or referenced per APA. Do NOT cite or reference any photos in the Power Point. This is also stated in the APA Power Point webinar available to you in my news announcements.


· Avoid using a black background. Black often makes it difficult to view font and diminishes the appearance of an overall colorful presentation. Review your work to be sure all content is easily visible! Sometimes bright colors interfere with Turnitin score as the highlighted colors may match, so again, please review for visibility!

· Headings must be across the TOP of each slide.


· Do not use all CAPITALS at any time. This is difficult to view and comes across as SHOUTING! (thank you)

· Some Power Point templates only use all CAPITALS so choose another template, please keep looking as there are many to choose from. Some Power Point templates use boxes or “bubbles” to type in, Avoid those! They make it impossible to use font large enough for decent visibility. Again, choose another template, please keep looking as there are many to choose from.

· Reference slide compiling all references done correctly. Power Point causes some issues here: Hanging format is usually not possible in this format so, Bulleted is fine and bold lettering is fine. Again, does Not need to be in hanging format. References must be at the very end of a presentation (as many slides as needed).

· Should use 3rd person the majority of the time but it is OK to use 1st person “I” when describing a personal experience related to a specific question. Do not use ‘this student’ or ‘this nurse’ or this ‘author’ (or anything similar) when talking about yourself in any assignment at any time. Use “I” when talking about yourself.

Citations and References:

Citations and references must be done correctly to Avoid Plagiarism. Please review the Webinar on Avoiding Plagiarism. Review your 7th edition APA manual or apastyle.org. Every Reference must be done correctly and have correctly done matching citations to Avoid Plagiarism.

Basic citation example for PowerPoints in lower right corner of each slide in full parentheses:

(Author or Organization, year)

More than one source per slide:

If more than one source cited per slide, then cite at the specific text in which the source belongs. Alternatively, cite all sources separated by semicolons in the right lower corner of the slide (recommended).

Example in right lower corner of the slide:

(Author, year); (Author, year); (Author, year)


(Author, year);

(Author, year);

(Author, year)

Basic reference examples:

Author, A., & Author, A. (year). Title. Publisher, doi, or URL.

Organization name. (year). Title. Publisher, doi, or URL.

Author, A., & Author, B. (Year). Title of article. Title of Online Periodical spelled out entirely, 12(20), 15-21.

Dr. Goozee

Denys Goozee, DNP, MSN, RN-BSN, CRRN

Pronounced “Denise Goozay”