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Point #4 Telehealth / Harm Reduction :

○ Supporting Ideas:
○ Telehealth/ Medication methadone : treat opioid use disorder. Being

delivered to home.
○ Getting treatment more on demand and in different ways has been a

benefit to most people. People who wanted help but weren’t sure how to
get it.

○ Medication methadone delivered to people’s homes opposed to having to
find ways to go get it.

○ Harm reduction / empower people who use drugs and allow them to use
drugs in a safer way.
○ “The strategies include giving people access to supplies that make drug

use safer, more hygienic, like sterile syringes, naloxone, the medication
that reverses a drug overdose, fentanyl test strips”

Thesis: Covid-19 caused a huge disruption in the healthcare system and social safety
nets combined with social and economic stressors and all of this exacerbated the opioid
epidemic to new levels it has not reached before.