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Running head: Final Project 2

Final Project 2

Final Project


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Topic 1: Investigating the impact of GMO foods on child development

The problem addressed under this topic is whether there are negative effects of using genetically modified organisms (GMO) food particularly on children. This has been selected as a topic of research following the increased prevalence of GMO foods across the world. Governments and non-government organizations have started promoting the use of these foods as a result of unpredictable climate changes which result into some regions experiencing food insecurity and shortages. With this increased use of the foods, there is a need to determine the effect the foods have on the members of the society. This study would focus in children as they are within the development stages.

Topic 2: Investigating the effect of cultural values on professional ethics

The problem addressed in the research topic is the actual impact of cultural values on professional ethics. In most cases, professionals are not aware of how their cultural backgrounds define their ability to conform to the professional ethics and code of conduct in their professions and careers. Therefore, with this study topic, it would be easier for professionals to understand the impact their cultural values on their professions.

Topic 3: Investigating the role of technology in cultural degradation

The problem addressed in the study topic is filling the information gap on the effects of technology on cultural values and beliefs change in a society. This is crucial in establishing what part of current cultural degradation in different societies is contributed by the current technology advancements. The reason as to why this research topic is necessary as part of applied sciences is establishing the effect of social media, internet and increased exchange of information on cultural values (Beretta et al, 2018).


Beretta, E., Fontana, M., Guerzoni, M., & Jordan, A. (2018). Cultural dissimilarity: Boon or bane for technology diffusion?. Technological Forecasting and Social Change133, 95-103.

Final English

25% of the grade (final exam)

1. Select one of the approved topics you submitted.

2. Start researching your topic.

3. Review your research notes. 

4. Start drafting (I always recommend an outline first). 

5. Revise and edit. Repeat as needed.

6. Submit your final draft.

3 documents needed

1. Informal Report (2-3 pages minimum)

2. Formal Report (7-8 pages minimum)

3. Detailed Proposal (appropriate in length, approximately 3 pages minimum

You will need at least six information sources, including one interview. This can be a published online interview.

Your project must contain a minimum of three visual elements (graphs, lists, charts, infographic illustrations, etc.)


1. Informal report (100 points):

a. Format (15 points)

b. Introduction (20 points)

c. Subject & Purpose (10 points)

d. Background (15 points)

e. Development & Conclusion (40 points)

2. Formal Report (100 points):

· Prefatory Elements (15 points)

· Abstracts/Summaries (15 points)

· Discussion/Body (40 points)

· Appendices (15 points)

· Graphic Elements (15 points)

3. Proposal (50 points):

a. Format (7.5 points)

b. Context (7.5 points)

c. Argument (20 points)

d. Conclusion (7.5 points)

e. Visual Elements (7.5 points)

Final English

Final Project: Recommendation Report & Proposal

ENGL 2311 — Prof. Winter

Table of Content


Assignment Topic

Assignment – Guidelines

Assignment – Source Information

Assignment — Interview

Learning Outcomes

Evaluation Criteria


Recommendation Report & Proposal


For the Final Project, you will create

an informal recommendation report.

a formal report

A proposal based on your recommendations from the formal report.

Audience: You want to address the report to the person who will initially receive the report, but keep in mind that they will distribute it further, and that you may not know who all will see this report.

Documents to be submitted:

Informal Report (2-3 pages minimum)

Formal Report (7-8 pages minimum)

Detailed Proposal (appropriate in length, approximately 3 pages minimum)

For the final draft, you will submit these two reports as one document.

Assignment Topic

The topic for the recommendation research is your choice, but consider the following ideas:

Your campus—student retention, funding athletics, placement services, college publications, minority recruitment, utilities management, civic service, student government, student activities.

Your major—employment prospects, feasibility of graduate school, need for a new course or program, internship opportunities.

Your community—science museum, Earth Day, city market, continuing education, civic club, service project.

Your workplace—employee grievances, public relations, computers and management, quality control, conservation efforts, telecommuting options, day care facilities, family leave.

Your personal interests – treatment options for a medical condition, a charitable cause.

Assignment – Guidelines

For this project, ensure the following:

Your topic must concern some problem, project, or goal at your college or workplace or in your major or community.

For the Final Project report you will need at least six information sources, including one interview.

Your project must contain a minimum of three visual elements (graphs, lists, charts, infographic illustrations, etc.)

Assignment – Source Information

You need a minimum of six (6) sources:

One (1) Interview (see the following slide for more detail)

In addition, five (5) sources containing background materials—journals, newspapers, reports, books—must be current, relevant, credible, and reliable.

Assignment — Interview

One of the sources must be an interview with an expert in your research field. This can be a published online interview.

If you decide to conduct a personal interview, follow the following steps:

Subject must be an expert for your topic.

Contact your interviewee, describe your project, and request an appointment for an interview.

Prepare for the interview by forming precise questions, but not simplistic yes-no questions. Don’t ask questions for which you could have easily found answers elsewhere. The individual should feel you prepared well and used their time wisely.

Ask probing questions that get you the information you need and allow the interviewee to open up and volunteer information.

Ask questions and listen; use a tape recorder if the interviewee does not object.

Thank the interviewee for taking time and offer to send a copy of your completed report.

You will be able to earn up to 25 extra credit points for conducting a personal interview.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this project, you should be able to use the structure and format of a recommendation report, interviewing and reading as research techniques, and to develop conclusions and recommendations based on data.

Evaluation Criteria

Formal Report (100 points):

Prefatory Elements (15 points)

Abstracts/Summaries (15 points)

Discussion/Body (40 points)

Appendices (15 points)

Graphic Elements (15 points)

Informal report (100 points):

Format (15 points)

Introduction (20 points)

Subject & Purpose (10 points)

Background (15 points)

Development & Conclusion (40 points)

Proposal (50 points):

Format (7.5 points)

Context (7.5 points)

Argument (20 points)

Conclusion (7.5 points)

Visual Elements (7.5 points)

Your submission will be graded as follows: