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Throughout the semester we have discussed the development, structure, and application of our checks and balance system within the U.S Constitution, the executive, legislative and judicial branches. All the while examining the interplay within our federal system between federal and state powers. It is no small task to dig deep and wide when examining the American government. Our government is complex, to say the least. Please answer the following questions and be sure to include all of what is asked in your response.

You will explain with one example for each of the three essay questions how the U.S. Constitution and our system of checks and balances lay the foundation for our laws and policy-making:

This is a two-part question. Include both answers in your answer. Be sure to use a Word. doc.

Use your textbook and/or the Commerce Clause and Commerce Clause Cases Handouts attached below.

Cases Commerce Clause (Article I, Section 8)-1.pdf


Commerce Clause – Congress Expanded powers-1.pdf


Give the famous case, year, and Chief Justice that established that the U.S. Constitution gave Congress powers that were not explicitly spelled out in the Constitution thereby enabling the Supreme Court to expand the role of the federal government and the Executive and Legislative branches.(up to 5 pts.)

Give one example of how the federal government has expanded its powers (mostly at the expense of state powers) and why since June 21, 1788, the date in which the Constitution became the official framework of the government.(up to 5 pts.). 3 pts awarded only if you do not fully explain why the federal government had to take action as it did.