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1. Match the pathogen with the disease it causes:

1 _____ plague A) Clostridium tetani

2 ______ Pertussis B) Mycobacterium tuberculosis

3_____ Sífilis C) Bordetella pertussis

4 _____ Tuberculosis D) Treponema pallidum

5 ______Tetanus E) Mycobacterium leprae

6______ Lyme disease F) Yersinia pestis

7______ Leprosy G) Borrelia burgdorferi

2. List at least two symptoms caused by the diseases mentioned in the

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1. Plague

2. Whooping cough

3. Syphilis

4. Tuberculosis

5. Tetanus

6. Lyme disease

7. Leprosy

3. Access the following web page:


• Differentiate between a primary pathogen versus an opportunistic pathogen.

• Name two opportunistic pathogens and what disease they might cause.

4. Access the following web page:


• This page describes the virulence factors of pathogens such as bacteria and

virus. Look for the part that talks about exotoxins and the mechanisms used by them.

themselves to cause disease and answer the following question: You must choose 4

pathogens, mention the toxin they produce and mention the mechanism that causes the